Wednesday, December 10, 2008

New Mommy Fog...

Sleepy Baby...Zzzzz...

Look how peaceful...this is pretty much what
Noah did his first week home when he wasn't eating.

Noah - One week old!!

The boys all piled on the couch...I'm so outnumbered...

So, tomorrow will be the official two week mark into parenthood for Tony and I, and I am definitely living in the "new mommy fog". Where time is all relative, there is no night and day, I live in a constant cycle of feeding, changing, rocking, feeding, changing, rocking...and wonder how I ever used to find the time to brush my teeth!

Noah has been nothing but a blessing to us over these past two weeks, he's such a little cutie and we just love him to pieces! And someday, I'll look back at these first few months or so and forget how icky I feel and want to do it all over again...someday...far, far from today. For now, one little bundle of joy is keeping us on our toes and learning new parenting strategies everyday!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Noah Anthony Wolfe has arrived!!!

Noah Anthony Wolfe
Born: 11/27/08 @ 3:17am
6lbs. 10 oz. 19 in. long

The most handsome baby boy in the World!!!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

**39 week belly**

We are less than a week from our due date now!!! It's kind of surreal to be at this point in the pregnancy, seems like everyday is a waiting game now. The doctor said they won't let me go more than a week past my due date so at least we are sure some way or another, this little man should be here by December 5th!
Tony and I are enjoying what could be our last weekend as just the two of us...oh, and the dog, too...I don't give him enough attention these days. We are headed to the Wolfe family Thanksgiving tomorrow and into a three day work week, which should be my last working days before Maternity Leave begins. But if Noah's not making any progress, I'll be back to the grind Monday, December 1st. I'll work until he's ready to make his appearance into the world! Our next appt is Wednesday and we should be given a pretty good indication as to whether or not I have made any progress down the road of labor and delivery yet or not. This week was an interesting report, having lost 2 more lbs. But at least Noah is holding steady at 37 cm (and according to the doctor, is completely dropped in position) and his heartbeat was good at about 130 bpm.
Keep us in your prayers as the day get closer and closer...more updates to come...

Saturday, November 15, 2008

WHOA Belly!!!

38 week belly!!

Just when you think you can't possibly get any bigger...

We are under the two week mark now and still feeling fantastic! Dr. says everything looks great, Noah measures good and his heartbeat was a strong 140bpm. Daddy hadn't come with us in quite a few appt's so he was super excited to hear his son's heartbeat! It really could be any day now, and it's funny how the nurses all give you that, "we may not see you next week" look before you leave the office, but so far, no major signs of labor so I'm still soaking up every minute of being pregnant. Now...if this is still the same story a week into December, I may be singing a different tune...but so far, still feeling wonderful!

Though I must admit, we are getting more and more anxious everyday to finally get the opportunity to lay eyes on this little guy we've been dreaming about for the past nine months and start our lives as parents!!

Look how adorable!!!

All coordinated and ready for Noah's arrival!

So cozy!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

37 Weeks

Noah is officially considered full term as of this past Friday and we're still doing wonderfully!! Last update at the doctor's office was that all growth was good (on his behalf and mine...ha ha) and we should just continue to relax and wait for labor to begin...

Tony & I took our last getaway this weekend to good 'ol Cleveland, Ohio and we had such a wonderful time. We checked into the hotel and enjoyed having the swimming pool all to ourselves...well, Tony spent more time in the hottub so I really got the pool to myself, which felt wonderful on my back. Then we went to the Cleveland Zoo on Saturday and ate dinner in Legacy Village before heading home. It was so relaxing to be away from the house where there isn't the temptation to clean or organize something for the 100th time!

And we officially have the best youth group in the entire universe!!! They threw us (along with the planning of the mom's of course) the CUTEST baby shower last night at youth group. It was just the perfect way to spend these last few weeks celebrating this new little life that is to come. We played the funniest games, had some amazing food and got tons of adorable toys/gifts for Noah to enjoy as he grows!

I've said this before, but boy does this little guy have a lot of anxious people ready to meet him and love all over him...Tony and I can't wait either!! 18 more days....

Friday, October 31, 2008

I could be an Expectant Mother for Halloween...

And I wouldn't even have to go buy a costume!! Okay, lame idea, but I couldn't think of anything more creative and it is kind of funny to think about what you wouldn't want to be for Halloween being this pregnant...cheerleader...Disney Princess...Pippi Longstocking (that was my favorite costume growing up) just doesn't portray that cute Halloween image really!

So, the Open House was a completely PERFECT event, everything was wonderful, it was so great to gather friends and family together at once, and we have not stopped rearranging the nursery since that day as you can imagine. Pictures to come...

I am nesting this weekend because Tony is away at the National Youth Workers Convention and it's time to get Noah's laundry clean and put away and think about packing some hospital bags...we are officially at 28 days to Noah's due date as of today and I really don't think the reality has sunk in yet. Plus, he really hasn't started dropping much so I am not feeling uncomfortable yet in the least...and am certainly not complaining about!

We are seeing the doctor on a weekly basis and we received our little "this is how you will know you are in labor" card this past week because if he come anytime now, there's no stopping him! His heatbeart was good and luckily, this appt he did grow even though I have still not gained a pound. We had to get an ultrasound last appt because he wasn't showing growth, so this news was better. (After performing the ultrasound, it turned out he was in fact growing, but was conveniently snuggled up under my rib cage, which was why my measurements were off.) But I have now been given strict orders that it's either gain 1 lb a week from here on out or they will think about bedrest or induction, neither of which are options I am hoping for. We are still praying for that crucial November 12th day, please say prayers with us, because that will be my year anniversary with DHL and solidify that my maternity leave will in fact be available for me to take in full.

So, Happy Halloween to everyone, and may your costume choices be more abundant than mine are this year!! I'd opt to be the pregnant one any year, it's the best!!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Baby Noah's Nursery

So, we always talk about mommy and what's going on with me and the baby...that's why Noah and I decided to dedicate this blog entry to daddy!!! Daddy has done a phenomenal job getting the nursery ready for Noah and we wanted to show off some pictures of his meticulous artistry and handiwork. Every inch of this room has been hand-painted by daddy with love along with the installation of the new ceiling fan/light fixture. It looks a little bare, but don't worry, babies have a way of filling up space with all of their cute accessories, diapers and clothes very quickly!

Doesn't it look so cozy?!?!

I guess we know which one of us is going to
spoil this little guy the most...
Every intricate detail painted with love!

An empty dresser...for the moment!

Ready for Noah to move in!

Watching Tony go through these childbirth classes and learn comfort measures and breathing techniques and see video upon video of precious (and not so precious) moments of pregnancy, childbirth and newborns has been an amazing journey. Just the transformation of the expression on his face as it transitions from fear and apprehension to excitement and anticipation is priceless. After watching the last dvd in class on Tuesday, he looks at me and says, "Are you ready for our lives to change forever...because ready or not, it's going to happen!" If you ask him, he'll tell you, "I can't WAIT to meet my son!!" And I can't wait for them to meet either, he's tired of me keeping him all to myself.

I was just kind of taking it all in the other day as I sat in the rocker in the nursery; and I thought to myself...God is so excited about the mansions he is preparing for each of us, as His children, to come to our eternal home and enjoy forever. And I can't help but think that Tony feels a little piece of that same love and joy as he prepares the nursery for Noah's homecoming. What a great reflection of God parenthood can be!!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Glucose Tests, Baby Showers & Childbirth Classes

Family Photo from Pabor Day...are there three
basketballs in this picture??

Lots of different topics to update on, so here we go...

I officially passed my glucose test...huge sigh of relief! And Noah and I just had our 30 week checkup this past Wednesday and he is measuring right on for his due date, his heart rate was 140 and all is well! I seem to be going through a "having trouble catching my breath" stage again, but nothing I wasn't anticipating. Just makes life more interesting, I guess! Noah is moving like crazy, he's had lots of hiccups and I think I am starting to get better at telling what position he is in or exactly what is jabbing me in the ribs, so much fun!!!

I was given the best shower by the ladies group at Louisville Christian Church. We received so many gifts; outfits, bottles, booster seats and everything in between! It was such a wonderful event, we couldn't feel more blessed with all of the love and support our church family gives us.

Tony and I attended our first child birth class this past Tuesday evening. All the couples in our class are first-time parents, which I'm assuming is usually the case, and the couple we were paired with for the "get to know you" part of class were super nice. She is due 5 days before me, and to my surprise, half the class isn't due until around New Years. I definitely thought we would be on the later end of the due dates attending classes now. I didn't really feel I learned anything new this first session, probably because the instructor presented out of a book we had been given when we found out we were expecting and I have already read it cover to cover twice. But Tony said he found it really helpful. The classes to come over the next month are definitely going to get more interesting and interactive so we'll see what is to come!

We are officially at the 10 week countdown to baby time!!! It seems crazy that 30 weeks are behind us and so few are still ahead of us. Besides being a little more winded, I still feel great and am loving pregnancy. Praying all continues to go well as we look forward to our Baby Open House in October and then finishing up our preparations for Noah's arrival at the end of November...stay tuned for nursery progress updates/pictures, daddy has been working hard and it's almost ready!

30 Week Belly!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

***3rd Trimester***

27 week belly!!!

Another milestone! We have officially crossed over into the third trimester...and I'm still feeling wonderful. Although I KNOW I will continue to feel more uncomfortable, kicking will become less exciting and labor ultimately prevails in the end, I still feel fantastic right now so I'm making the most of it!!

We went to the doctor today and it was all good news! My blood pressure was good and actually relatively low compared to normal. I haven't gained anymore weight which they were okay with since Noah is measuring right on for week 28. And I took the glucose test...ya know what, the orange stuff wasn't half bad. The worst part was when the mean vampire-lady drew lots of blood, we don't like the lady who draws blood...but it's a necessary evil. And she's really not mean at all...

According to my trusty books, Noah is a little over 2 pounds now and about 9.5 inches long from crown to rump. I would have to agree with one of the books when it said there is always a point during pregnancy that the mom is convinced she is carrying an octopus because there's definintely a flurry of activity happening and it makes you wonder if there really are just two arms and two legs! I was telling the nurse today that I was concerned about how his movements have changed in the past couple of days, it felt like he was lying really low and I wasn't getting any good kicks. She decided to hook me up to a fetal monitor for about 20 minutes since they were waiting for the magic glucose potion to do its thing before drawing blood, I got to spend time watching Noah's little heart rate and fetal movement get tracked on a maching that looked much like the Seismograph used to record earthquakes. It was neat!

I also read that he will open his eyes sometime between this week and exciting!!!

I've moved up to visiting the doctor every two weeks now instead of three so it feels like time is starting to snowball upon us very quickly!

In other updates...the Louisville Christian Church ladies group is throwing me a baby shower tomorrow night...the nursery walls are looking cuter and cuter everyday...and we start child birth classes a week from Monday!

And my belly button is not so much an "inny" or an "outty" is really more of a "flatty" at the moment...and it's getting harder for me to see are my toes!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Why I'm Excited to be a Mom...

First, I'll get to experience the feeling all moms talk about but can never fully explain...actually holding your very own child that you carried for 9 months...getting to finally see his little hands and feet for the first time, hear his coo's and look into his eyes...

Getting to know that little one, with all the different cries, expressions and preferences better than anyone else...

Dreaming of what my son will grow up to be, his interests, talents and passions...

Providing for, caring for, loving, admiring and praying for him every moment of every day as he grows and grows...

Watching Tony become a daddy!!!
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

My registry is complete and the nursery is underway. Tony is SO excited to unleash his creativity and paint Noah's room, it is going to look phenomenal! Today was probably the most active Noah has been so far, growth spurt or energy increase, I'm not sure, but it is still the most amazing thing! I love it!! We are a little less than two weeks away from my third trimester and God has just continued to bless Noah's growth and my health beyond belief. We are so grateful to be approaching the next milestone in my pregnancy.

My last Dr.'s appt had all good things to report...Noah has a strong heartbeat, everything measures right on, we won't talk about the scale, thyroid levels are perfect and I go for my glucose test the first week of September!

And the most amazing news of belly button remains an "inny", not by much, though. I so thought I was joining the "outty" club like a month ago...he's a growing boy!!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

All is as it should be...

Not much to update on at the moment...all is well and Noah is growing like crazy!! I think I have said that a lot since I started this blog, but I mean it more and more everytime I say it. Experts say he is now about 8 or so inches long and a little over a pound in weight. His kicking is less of a random thumping now and more of actual limbs jabbing at me from inside. It's the greatest feeling!

I am going to register this Saturday morning with my mom and Tony's mom, so that will be lots of fun. Tony has officially banned me from the Babies R Us & Target websites because it's becoming my new obsession to be ready for baby registry day!! And despite the countless hours I have spent researching and shopping, and, of course, making a checklist, there are still many decisions left to be made. And the best part is, I actually had a dream two nights ago that Babies R Us just let me spend the night in the store because I still had so many decisions to make...pretty pathetic...

We also received our first big gift, only because there was free shipping, but my mom & Randy officially bought us our Travel System! It is so awesome, we love it! I just stared into the carrier once we had it all together and tried to imagine my little guy all snug in the car seat...the reality of a baby coming into our family gets more real with every passing day!!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Random Updates...

We had our 21 week ultrasound this past week and the grandma's came along to see their little grandson wiggle, it didn't fall's really still a boy!! He was very active during the ultrasound, I think he knew we were watching. It was truly adorable. His heartbeat was 143, he is weighing in at 15 oz. and everything seems A-OK and right on target. Praise the Lord!

I was afraid I was never going to be able to fully recognize his kicking...boy was I wrong. There is no mistaking those little baby movements, and Tony has had the opportunity to feel a few...he just has to be patient and wait until Noah is ready to play. But he is getting more and more active's still cute, not painful yet.

Tony and I enjoyed a night our at the Carousel Dinner Theater the other night, which was a lot of fun! And we just got done with Vacation Bible School, marking the end of our summer craziness. That means it is on to nursery remodeling, baby registries, childbirth classes, baby shower and preparing for Noah's arrival! I'm excited but definitely enjoying every minute of being pregnant...what an absolute blessing!!!

Here is our latest family photo...

Mommy & her Noah Bump

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Future Place Kicker for the Louisville Leopards

20 Week Belly!!!
We've made it, we are officially halfway through the pregnancy and feeling good!! Noah gave me his first good kick yesterday while I was sitting at my desk at work, it tickled and I laughed out loud. It was so cute. It felt like he was turning back flips and using my stomach to propel himself around, I definitely got tears in my eyes. But then again, I got tears in my eyes the other day because of a commercial with a baby elephant giving itself a bath that I thought was the cutest thing I had ever seen. Gotta love pregnancy hormones!

We go for our 21 week ultrasound this coming Tuesday, hopefully we will get some more good pictures to post and I'm hoping he still measures at a due date of November 28th because I feel like he's getting big very quickly these days...and labor is inevitable so, yikes! We'll see!

I feel like such the mommy today, we received confirmation for our childbirth classes and I registered Noah with his pediatrician. Everyday it is becoming more real that very soon I will be holding my son in my amazing!!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Ultrasound Pictures

Here are just a few ultrasound pictures, none of which show a full body view, but they are still pretty neat.

Noah's hand

Noah's foot

Noah's feet...he actually had his little ankles crossed
in this picture.

It's a BOY!!!

So after spending 5 very long hours in the Aultman Hospital emergency room this past Monday evening, I've decided I'm going to enjoy every second between now and the delivery of my son...that was the newest traumatic experience of my short life! I've never had the opportunity to be poked and prodded so many times within a single visit to the doctor...but one thing I am sure of...they did a thorough examination, and, in the doctor's words, "Everything is perfect!"

I decided my second episode of bleeding unexpectedly, which was what sent us to the ER, was God's way of preparing me for what labor will be like...besides the fact that I was not contracting. Although I'm fairly certain contractions should distract me from any other unwanted poking or prodding pretty easily.

Needless to say, we are diligently praying that this was the LAST of the scary episodes with our little one and that pregnancy will be smooth sailing from here on out...

We had a follow-up appointment this past Wednesday and his little heartbeat was 158 and all is well. We will still have our 21 week ultrasound, even though we already know what we are having, just to make sure the delivery date still matches and the baby is still developing normally.

And, yes, you read the title right, Tony is PROUD to let everyone know that he successfully gave us a SON!! So, there was good news that came out of our recent unexpected trips to the doctor. He gave a resounding, "YES!!!" when the ultrasound tech announced what we were I guess we know how he really feels about that! We couldn't be more excited, it's so great to be able to call our little one by name, to know we are having a son and...for mommy, who likes to plan, to be able to pick out nursery themes/colors finally!!

So, for now...mommy waits anxiously for the first good kick from Noah Anthony...should be any day now!!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Baby's first trip to the Ocean...

So, despite my previous blog, we did have an amazing time at the beach as well as the ALIVE Festival. Although we are happy to be back home and getting back into the swing of things. I think the baby really enjoyed its first trip (in utero) to the beach!! Here are some pictures of our vacation!!

Not everyone gets to wear a cute maternity swimsuit...

Baby & I spent lots of time under the umbrella
listening to the waves...although I couldn't help but think
that being in the womb probably does sound a lot like the ocean...

My 15 week belly picture...who could ask for a better background?!

Family Photo

Keeping Mommy & Daddy on Our Toes...

Well, we have had a more eventful return from our two weeks of vacationing/ALIVE Festival than we had hoped for...but I am happy to say that all seems to be fine now and the baby is as healthy and happy as ever. Praise the Lord!!

I seem to have somehow developed about a centimeter tear in the lining of my uterus, causing some very scary and unwelcomed bleeding. But after seeing the doctor and getting a full ultrasound done, it seems this is something that will heal on its own over the next day or so and the pregnancy will continue like normal. So far, it has been about 24 hours, and the symptoms seem to have almost completely gone away.

And, on the bright side, we were able to get some cute pictures of the baby, which we will get posted here in the next day or so when I am able to move around more and get to a scanner. The heartbeat was steady at 150bpm and the baby measure at the exact same due date as originally planned.

We have an appointment for another complete ultrasound and a meeting with the doctor for this coming Wednesday to see if the tear has gone away or grown at all. I will be sure and post an update following that visit as well.

In the meantime, please keep the three of us in your prayers that all continues to go well with the pregnancy and that God keeps our little one safe and healthy...and thank you for all of the visits and phone calls, we love you all!!

Saturday, June 7, 2008


So, we had a 14 week checkup this past week, which even the nurse was perplexed about since we have to come back in two weeks for our 16 week checkup, however, it was a good appt. We were able to hear the baby's heartbeat loud and clear through the external ultrasound this time. Baby's heartbeat is strong...and just for the record, the nurse thinks it is a boy.

I am now 15 weeks along so baby should be about the size of a softball, amazing! This week's reading was full of interesting facts, like the baby's body is now covered in little tiny hairs, it is able to swallow some of the fluid it is floating in (ew...) and it has gained enough muscle control to completely stretch out its body flat if it wants interesting. I kinda wish I could just watch it through a little camera...

I seem to have popped so I am now in ALL maternity clothes...they are so comfy!! I'm loving them, plus the summer clothes are really cute! Tony and I are heading to the beach tomorrow...well, I guess today technically...with my mom and Randy and I'm all excited to wear my new maternity swimsuit. A perk of being pregnant over summer. This week should be a great time for Tony and I to just relax and take a breather from the hustle and bustle of home.

Plus, Spencer and I needed a break from each other...absence makes the heart grow fonder...I'm hoping. Either that, or he is going to become the mascot at the kennel and take up permanent residence there...

Well, I can hear the waves calling my name...or maybe that's my pillow...zzzzzz...

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Thank God for Second Trimesters...

My week 13 bump...

It's like a little slice of more nausea, welcome back energy, and bring on the baby bump! I feel SO much better, I'm actually able to do housework again and I have a little bump to show the world why I haven't felt so great for the last 12 weeks! I'm loving week 13!! Still not sure about my wardrobe and moving into the next stage of clothing, so, for now, I'm down to 3 pairs of pants I can wear to work, which is definitely testing my creativity of outfits each day. Tony and I are leaving for the beach in about two weeks, so my next challenge will be finding some "beachy/vacation" clothes and a swimsuit...yikes! We'll see how that goes...

Baby seems to be growing and growing, I find myself getting anxious for baby to get big enough that I can feel it moving, it'll be so exciting! One of my books says baby is about 3 inches long and about the size of a peach...we've come a long way since the olive stage!

I went to the doctor this past week to have my throid levels checked, which was the initial reason we weren't able to have children right away...and everything is perfect! I have to go in for continuous checks every 6 weeks until the baby is born, small price to pay to be able to carry this little miracle! What a blessing!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Baby's 12 Week Pictures...

Baby is taking up lots more room than the first set of pictures...growing!!!

An interesting picture of the bone structure of baby's head/face

This one is my favorite, you can see baby's little arms and legs...
but the best part is, baby did a flip between pictures, now baby's head is on the right which it definitely wasn't in the first two...pretty amazing!!!

12 Week Checkup!

Well, Tony and I went in for our twelve week checkup yesterday and we have all good things to report!! The doctor had a hard time finding the baby's heartbeat at first, which was a little scary. Tony and I probably had looks of horror on our faces, even though I have read in EVERY pregnancy book I have that it is not uncommon to not be able to pick up the baby's heartbeat externally at 12 weeks. Still...we were slightly panicked.

So, having a difficult baby pays off, because we got an ultrasound out of it! Nevermind that we will get billed for that later, what matters is that the baby is happy and healthy...yes, happy, we saw it with our own eyes. Our little one was moving around like CRAZY, it was the coolest thing to watch. The nurse got us some great pictures, and we did hear the heartbeat 154 beats per minute, baby is doing just fine!!!

As far as mommy is concerned, they did have to take my blood pressure twice, no worries, thank goodness, but the first time was a little higher than they wanted it to be, but by the time I left both numbers were below the normal standards. Whew!

I've also managed to gain 8 lbs, which I'm pretty happy with, I've been eating SOOO much lately, and the doctor seemed okay with it. So that was good too!! And...I managed to polish off a whole box of Scooby Doo Macaroni & Cheese all by myself for dinner tonight...impressive!!

Tony and I are headed to Hocking Hills, OH tomorrow for a couple of days to celebrate our upcoming 4 year anniversary. We had no idea when we booked the cabin I would be 3 months much for me enjoying the hot tub! But, I do get a pregnancy massage out of the deal, which I am stoked for, so that will be nice! It'll be good to get away just the two of us, we'll appreciate this time we have now more and more as November 28th gets closer and closer...

All good things to report!!!

Friday, May 9, 2008

How big is mommy...

Week 8

Week 9

Week 10

Week 11

In the spirit of graduation season...

Baby has officially graduated from an embryo to a fetus at the end of week 10! So, here we are at week 11 and it's hard to believe I am a week away from the end of my first trimester. According to the books, baby is about 1 3/4 inches long and about the size of a large lime...lime's must be smaller than I am thinking they are, I'll have to check one out next time I'm in the produce aisle at Giant Eagle I guess. At any rate, baby should be starting to open and close it's fists and is moving around pretty freely in it's comfy little womb. Yeah, baby!!

As far as mommy goes...or grows...yikes on the wardrobe! I had a couple days this week of "outfit crisis on my way out the door and almost late for work"...but I ended up dressed everyday and that's what really matters! Thank goodness Tony took me shopping last weekend, I'm thinking that was only the first of many trips to buy the next size up in EVERYTHING!! Gotta love pregnancy...and I really, really do love it. What an adventure this has been and there is so much more to come!

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Still Nauseated...but surviving...

So, morning sickness has turned into evening sickness. But, on the bright side, the pregnancy seems to be moving along must be growing like a weed. Overall, I am feeling better, but it doesn't help that I just ate a Pomegrante Mixed Berry popsicle, that was a really bad idea, apparently. It sounded good, who knew baby would not be a fan. So, now it is on to find the next food to settle my stomach. It's a game I like to play these days...

As far as baby goes, the end of next week will put baby in the fetus stage officially. I will be at the end of my 10th week!! According to the many books I have, baby is actually looking like a person more and more everyday, and all major organ development is virtually done, now it's just a matter of growth, growth, and more growth. Baby is about the size of a medium green olive...although, I have to say, my waist is getting marginally bigger compared to that. I still haven't tackled shopping for new clothes yet...and one of these mornings while I'm getting ready for work, I'm really going to be out of luck in the pants department! Yikes!

Tony has been wonderful, he made me the biggest plate of french fries a girl could ask for the other night, which I inhaled and slept like a baby. He has been more than gracious, making Subway runs, getting me water refills, listening to me cry...and cry...and cry. I think I am entertaining for him most days.

Spencer...I could KILL!!! The dog and I are NOT friends right, things aren't looking so good for Spence.

But the BEST NEWS OF that baby Jackson is here!!! Andy & Stacey had a beautiful baby boy this past Saturday morning (early, early morning) and he is beautiful!!! My first exciting!! It will be so fun to watch him grow, and someday (in about 6-7 months), play with his new cousin!! Congrats to Andy and Stacey!!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

No More Saltines, please...

Well, I am happy to announce that my morning/afternoon/evening sickness seems to have subsided. Or at least for the last few days it has... so, we'll see. It couldn't have come at a better time, though, because if I had to eat one more saltine, those were going to make me sick...ick!!! Whatever hormones were making me feel nauseated left my digestive system and, I believe, went straight to my tear ducts. It's been non-stop crying for me since Monday, which is quite entertaining for Tony. It's one of those "crying for no reason, the world is going to end, I'm going to be a terrible mom, why in the world am I crying so much" kind of cries. Gotta love hormones...I do laugh about it between the tears. It's ridiculous.

I am now battling a sinus infection/cold of some sort that Tony was so kind to share with if he hasn't done enough already. So, that has made the last couple days less than pleasant, but I think I would take this over baby sickness anyday.

Less and less of my pants are fitting and I have yet to go shopping for my first set of "I'm having a baby" clothes. But I imagine within the next week or so it is going to become nesessary...leading worship last Sunday morning with my pants unbuttoned was an interesting situation...of which I'd rather not have too many more.

Well, that's about it for now. Keep praying for the baby, losing the morning sickness caused a little panic within me, but I have to believe baby is still growing just fine and I have just graduated onto another stage of pregnancy.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Baby's first pictures...

This last picture is the hearbeat...fascinating!!!

Baby Wolfe on the Way...

Tony and I are so excited to spread the news that we are having our first baby!!! After lots and lots of trying...of which Tony was not the least bit upset over, we decided it wasn't God's timing. Then God showed the form of a big plus sign on three home pregnancy tests. I had this whole cute little card and flower presentation all ready for Tony the day I finally peed on the stick and had a positive, however, that all went out the window quickly and all I could do was yell for Tony to come and "tell me what was wrong with this stupid test because it thinks I'm pregnant!" Very romantic. And two weeks later, we have had the opportunity not only to see our baby growing in its happy little home, but we even got to hear the heartbeat! It was so precious!!! The doctors miscalculated the first time around, so I have gone from being 9 weeks along to 6 weeks along in a matter of a day, not a good feeling when there is nausea with which to contend.

I am due November 28th (bring on the Turkey!!). This was a little sooner to tell than I thought it was going to be originally, but, nevertheless, I know this baby has lots of prayers with it all the time and LOTS of family and friends all ready to meet it in 8 months. Yeah, Baby!!!

Will this little one be Noah Anthony or Sydney Dawn...and will daddy change his mind and let mommy find out before the delivery?!?! Please, daddy, please?! I guess time will tell...we'll post more about every week as we get new pictures of my growing tummy! Exciting times!!!