Wednesday, May 14, 2008

12 Week Checkup!

Well, Tony and I went in for our twelve week checkup yesterday and we have all good things to report!! The doctor had a hard time finding the baby's heartbeat at first, which was a little scary. Tony and I probably had looks of horror on our faces, even though I have read in EVERY pregnancy book I have that it is not uncommon to not be able to pick up the baby's heartbeat externally at 12 weeks. Still...we were slightly panicked.

So, having a difficult baby pays off, because we got an ultrasound out of it! Nevermind that we will get billed for that later, what matters is that the baby is happy and healthy...yes, happy, we saw it with our own eyes. Our little one was moving around like CRAZY, it was the coolest thing to watch. The nurse got us some great pictures, and we did hear the heartbeat 154 beats per minute, baby is doing just fine!!!

As far as mommy is concerned, they did have to take my blood pressure twice, no worries, thank goodness, but the first time was a little higher than they wanted it to be, but by the time I left both numbers were below the normal standards. Whew!

I've also managed to gain 8 lbs, which I'm pretty happy with, I've been eating SOOO much lately, and the doctor seemed okay with it. So that was good too!! And...I managed to polish off a whole box of Scooby Doo Macaroni & Cheese all by myself for dinner tonight...impressive!!

Tony and I are headed to Hocking Hills, OH tomorrow for a couple of days to celebrate our upcoming 4 year anniversary. We had no idea when we booked the cabin I would be 3 months much for me enjoying the hot tub! But, I do get a pregnancy massage out of the deal, which I am stoked for, so that will be nice! It'll be good to get away just the two of us, we'll appreciate this time we have now more and more as November 28th gets closer and closer...

All good things to report!!!

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