Saturday, November 13, 2010

More Pictures!

Who am I?!?!?!?!

Best seat in the house...


Off to the train show with Grandma & Grandpa RStarr!

Silly Boy

I see you!!! (Those are toddler-size legos -- but apparently they make good binoculars as well. Although the funny thing is, he was saying "CHEESE!" while holding them so I think he was using them as a camera.) What an imagination...

We do clean up nicely!


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Random Noah Sillies!!!

Showing off on the slide at Price Park!

Happy Bathy Time

Climbing into the pulpit during Sunday morning worship if only we could have gotten him to stay there until Rick came up to preach...

Wearing Mommy's headband and making scribbles!

Little Artist

Just lounging around...hilarious!

Sooooo happy!!!


Zoned out on Sesame Street...too cute!


This was a few days before trick-or-treat...Mommy wanted to make sure the costume still fit and see him in it since I was gone for Halloween.

Happy Little Dragon!!!

Do you LOVE the tail on his costume, he looks so cute and little in this picture...I can't stand it!!