Monday, September 19, 2011

34 Weeks & What's New with Noahman?!

6 weeks and counting...I really do feel like this pregnancy is lasting much longer than my first. I'm a little more uncomfortable this time, bigger at this point than I was last time, and yet trying not to wish away the time I still have left being a Mommy of one. My 34 week check was good, baby's heart beat was about 145, my belly is measuring right on time and no major complaints! I go back in 2 1/2 weeks for my 36 week check and it's every week after that. I'm a numbers person, so I keep looking at the calendar thinking, less than 1 1/2 months to go, or 4 more Dr. appointments at the most or what if I'm sitting on the porch watching Noah trick-or-treat on October 30th and she's still in there?! I could be the biggest "pumkin" on the block by then I'm pretty sure! I'm hoping maybe she wants to be born about 3 days early, but until then, she can stay in there in marinate all she wants. Still enjoying multiple daily rounds of hiccups, wriggling around and a jabbing hand or foot when she gets to groovin'. Love this time when I have my babies all to myself! But we are getting anxious to meet her, I keep imagining how cute and cuddly she will be and we are over the moon excited!

Noah has provided us with so much joy and laughter lately. Watching him make sense of and interact with his little World in new ways everyday is beyond amazing. It seems every time Tony and I get a chance to catch up on life we always have "Funny Noah Moments of the Day" to share, and they just too cute! He is certainly a little man with a big opinion, I see him becoming a leader someday (or at least a bossy older brother...ha!). He has no time for anything we suggest that he isn't on board with, he cries if I turn the opposite direction he wanted us to go in the car, and doesn't hesitate to tell me when he something tastes gross or yucky at the dinner table. He thinks the phrase "one more time" can be used an infinite amount of times, especially when it comes to a favorite cartoon or enjoy a sweet treat. He loves to have us kiss his boo-boo's because it makes them "Much better" in his words. He jumped in the bathtub fully clothed the other day because I was trying to quick-wash my hair over the side...twenty minutes later my hair was finally washed and apparently so was he! So much for a quick-wash! He also somehow chipped one of his front teeth that neither of us can pinpoint when or how it happened, but he obviously hasn't been too phased by it. Good thing this set of teeth isn't permanent! He is really starting to listen and respond to directions much more, which means I could have myself a little helper once McKenna arrives! And even though he acts so big and grown up these days, we still have binky and chewie at bedtime and the random hugs and "I wuv you's" to remind us what a sweet, little baby boy we have!