Sunday, August 28, 2011

Go Leopards!

He looks so big in this picture! Love his Leopard Pride!

McKenna was ready for the game too!

Love my boys in blue!

Mommy & Noah!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

HOF Parade & 30 weeks

We took Noah to the HOF Parade again this year, he hasn't missed one since before he was born! I was hoping he would have forgotten his fear of the big balloons, but it turns out he hadn't. I know these pictures are going to look repetitive, but his expressions were so much more entertaining than actually watching the Parade at times, I tried to capture them all!

Breakfast before the Parade kicked off

Just chillin' with my Grandma

Hi, Mr. Inductee to the Football HOF, congratulations!

Yay, more Marching Bands! I love the drums!

Whoa, look at that big float!

I see Ronald McDonald coming

Daddy will save me from the big, scary balloons!

Okay, I'm covering my eyes, but I'm still peaking out of curiousity...

Ah, these shades make everything look better, including me! What a Stud!


Here is my belly when I was pregnant with Noah at 30 weeks:

And here is my belly with McKenna at 30 weeks:

10 weeks to go!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

3rd Trimester

Mommy is feeling great, McKenna is moving like a wild woman, and we are having so much fun getting her room ready a little at a time. It's slowly coming together!

What a blessed summer we have had so far as a family of three...and I find myself longing a little more each day to finally have the opportunity to hold my baby girl in my arms. So excited to be a family of four! Even Noah has started to give my belly lots of big brother kisses, pats, and hugs. And he even played Doctor the other day and checked out her heartbeat with a toy stethescope..."Buboom, Buboom, Buboom" he said...sounds perfect to me!

God has truly blessed us and we are so grateful!