Sunday, August 29, 2010

Why not?!?!

If you can fit in it, why not sit in it?!

Silly Noahman!!!

PS -- He was watching cartoons if you are wondering what the far-off-glazed-over look in his eye is all about -- he's focused!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Summertime through the Eyes of a Toddler...

Yeah, it's pretty much the same as the rest of the year to a toddler, except you get to play outside more and wear cute shorts outfits that show off what is left of your little baby fat rolls!

It's not that Noah hasn't done anything worth blogging about lately, it's just that it's hard to sit still and write it all down when he is constantly on the move, meaning you have to be constantly on the move!

So here is what Noah has to say about what he has been up to over the past couple of months...

- I say "All done", "Hi, Momma", "READY!", "OKAY!", "More", "I see you", "Oh, no!", "A-Pa" (which really means Pa-Pa minus the 'P' aka: Grandpa), "Outside", "Elmo", "Barney", "Me juice", I count objects around the house, I recognize a handful of letters, I am getting the hang of fitting puzzle pieces into their right place, I love to look at books, and I also make all of my animal noises still along with recognizing them by name, and doing the motions to lots and lots of children's songs.

- I sleep lots and eat more!!! I'm venturing out in my food choices and have taken to BBQ chicken, grapes, raisins, cherries, blueberries, strawberries, cantaloupe -- (catching a theme here, lots of fruit these days!), and even cucumber! Mommy hasn't let me try peanut butter yet but I'm wearing her down slowly...

- I don't cry as much anymore when my Mommy drops me off at the church nursery, but Mommy still has a hard time leaving me in there, even for just 1 hour. It must be because I'm so cute and snuggly!

- I have stinky feet, love to play in the dirt, drool everywhere because I am trying to cut my two year molars, and Mommy has given up on cutting my hair...after two cuts she has decided to let it grow since it is so unruly and now it is just red curls EVERYWHERE!!! Check these out...

- I now have a piano in my house and love to play it everytime I walk by...I can even play and sing at the same time...and Daddy also gave me a harmonica to play and I strum his guitar strings when it is out and slam on the drum Uncle Andy leaves at our house.

- I just went to the HOF parade a couple of weekends ago where I was terrified of the big huge balloons that came down the street, especially when they spun...maybe next year!

- I just graduated from my first swimming class, Mommy calls me her little Guppy because I LOVE being in the water. We sing songs, splash, blow bubbles, jump off the side, paddle our arms and kick our legs, and do underwater swims...that's my favorite part!

- I can sing along with the Elmo's World theme song, I celebrate everytime Super Why saves the day, and I know how to sing "Old MacDonald Had a Farm" (much clearer than before, which was more like "Yie-Yo" instead of "E-I-E-I-O") with my Daddy, although all the animals in the song Moo no matter what animal it is, and I also song "If all the Raindrops were Lemon Drop & Gumdrops" with my Mommy, but I only know the "Ah Ah Ah Ah" part with my mouth open wide!

Well, I think that's all for now, I'm coming up on 21 months already, so I'm getting close to being 2 years old and maybe by then Mommy will stop typing for me and let me start speaking for myself on this blog!!! So for now, this is Guppyman via Mommy...signing off! Until next time...


What a little angel baby he this babyface!!!