Monday, April 26, 2010

Keep-Away and Sleepy Head

Just a cute video of Noah playing keep-away from the dog...

And I had the unfortunate task of waking Noah up from his afternoon nap the other day because he was just sleeping away and we had places to be...but in the process I realized you should never pass up an opportunity to catch the sweet little priceless innocence of an almost 1 1/2 year old sleeping peacefully.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter and New Discoveries

Easter was an absolute BLAST this year, from our Easter Egg hunt at Mama & Papa Craddocks to our Sunday morning church breakfast and service, and finally, to a wonderful Sunday afternoon at Grandma Donna's, not to mention some amazing food! It was such a relaxing and enjoyable weekend spent with family and rejoicing in our risen Savior! Unfortunately, a 16 month old does not stand still for pictures of any kind, there are WAY more important things on Noah's to-do list. So we had to capture his adorable Easter outfit in some rather unconventional ways.

Noah seriously has a full agenda on his mind when he gets up in the across the house as fast as I can, up and down the steps again and again, and where will Mommy's baking dishes end up, the world may never know! What an amazingly fun age we are in with Noah right now. I felt like everyone kept saying what a terrible time we would have once Noah started walking/running, but I have to say, I adore watching him become more and more involved in the world around him and make new discoveries, it's beyond words the joy and love you can have for such a little life! He is hilarious in the morning now, babbles a mile a minute through his bedtime binkie, pulls the blankets over his head, and literally fights you not to get him out of his crib, he loves being lazy in the morning, but only for about twenty minutes, then it's off to the races! He knows what a sheep, cow, and kitty says and points to and identifies several objects in his Baby Einstein book. He asks you to put Sid the Science Kid on television, he has officially graduated to the biggie boy bathtub, LOVES brushing his teeth, attempts to brush his hair...and Mommy' funny, and of course, he has learned the joy of playing outside and getting dirt under his fingernails in true boyish fashion!

He also has created quite a bond with the dog...and as much as I hate the dog these days, I have to admit, it is really, really cute!!!

What a happy and healthy baby boy you are Noahman. We never can help but thoroughly enjoy all of your giggles and cheezy smiles. Daddy and I love watching you play and grow and discover more and more and become your own little person with little opinions and objections along the way. It all adds up to one incredible you...and we ADORE you!

Hi, Camera, it's, me, NOAH!!!


This is the video of Noah's first Easter Egg Hunt...SOOOO CUTE!!!