Friday, October 31, 2008

I could be an Expectant Mother for Halloween...

And I wouldn't even have to go buy a costume!! Okay, lame idea, but I couldn't think of anything more creative and it is kind of funny to think about what you wouldn't want to be for Halloween being this pregnant...cheerleader...Disney Princess...Pippi Longstocking (that was my favorite costume growing up) just doesn't portray that cute Halloween image really!

So, the Open House was a completely PERFECT event, everything was wonderful, it was so great to gather friends and family together at once, and we have not stopped rearranging the nursery since that day as you can imagine. Pictures to come...

I am nesting this weekend because Tony is away at the National Youth Workers Convention and it's time to get Noah's laundry clean and put away and think about packing some hospital bags...we are officially at 28 days to Noah's due date as of today and I really don't think the reality has sunk in yet. Plus, he really hasn't started dropping much so I am not feeling uncomfortable yet in the least...and am certainly not complaining about!

We are seeing the doctor on a weekly basis and we received our little "this is how you will know you are in labor" card this past week because if he come anytime now, there's no stopping him! His heatbeart was good and luckily, this appt he did grow even though I have still not gained a pound. We had to get an ultrasound last appt because he wasn't showing growth, so this news was better. (After performing the ultrasound, it turned out he was in fact growing, but was conveniently snuggled up under my rib cage, which was why my measurements were off.) But I have now been given strict orders that it's either gain 1 lb a week from here on out or they will think about bedrest or induction, neither of which are options I am hoping for. We are still praying for that crucial November 12th day, please say prayers with us, because that will be my year anniversary with DHL and solidify that my maternity leave will in fact be available for me to take in full.

So, Happy Halloween to everyone, and may your costume choices be more abundant than mine are this year!! I'd opt to be the pregnant one any year, it's the best!!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Baby Noah's Nursery

So, we always talk about mommy and what's going on with me and the baby...that's why Noah and I decided to dedicate this blog entry to daddy!!! Daddy has done a phenomenal job getting the nursery ready for Noah and we wanted to show off some pictures of his meticulous artistry and handiwork. Every inch of this room has been hand-painted by daddy with love along with the installation of the new ceiling fan/light fixture. It looks a little bare, but don't worry, babies have a way of filling up space with all of their cute accessories, diapers and clothes very quickly!

Doesn't it look so cozy?!?!

I guess we know which one of us is going to
spoil this little guy the most...
Every intricate detail painted with love!

An empty dresser...for the moment!

Ready for Noah to move in!

Watching Tony go through these childbirth classes and learn comfort measures and breathing techniques and see video upon video of precious (and not so precious) moments of pregnancy, childbirth and newborns has been an amazing journey. Just the transformation of the expression on his face as it transitions from fear and apprehension to excitement and anticipation is priceless. After watching the last dvd in class on Tuesday, he looks at me and says, "Are you ready for our lives to change forever...because ready or not, it's going to happen!" If you ask him, he'll tell you, "I can't WAIT to meet my son!!" And I can't wait for them to meet either, he's tired of me keeping him all to myself.

I was just kind of taking it all in the other day as I sat in the rocker in the nursery; and I thought to myself...God is so excited about the mansions he is preparing for each of us, as His children, to come to our eternal home and enjoy forever. And I can't help but think that Tony feels a little piece of that same love and joy as he prepares the nursery for Noah's homecoming. What a great reflection of God parenthood can be!!