Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Lots to Celebrate

First of all, Tony and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary on the 22nd with a trip to Niagara Falls. It was our first overnight trip away from Noah and I think I can say with much confidence that Noah had just as much fun with his grandparents as we did at the Falls. He spent the first night with Grandma & Grandpa Wolfe and they spent lots of time outside on the swing and cuddled with him. Then he went to Grandma & Grandpa R*'s house (that translates 'R Starr') and got to help lay 10 yards of mulch!! All the while, Tony and I were having a blast walking around parks and cute villages, eating at the Rainforest Cafe and a cool BBQ joint and watching fireworks over the Falls. Walking from the USA to Canada and back was awesome, it seems funny to walk from one country to the other but we did it and we couldn't have asked for better weather. It's was a FANTASTIC getaway.

Horseshoe Falls/Canadian Falls

American Falls

Happy 5 Years!!!

Second of all, we had a Memorial Day cookout at Meatball & H's new house and it was, again, beautiful weather and fantastic food! It was so nice to relax as a family and just get to spend time together. We were talking about how this time last year, Jackson was just 1 month old, and now we have Jackson, Noah, Molly and cousin #4 on the way soon! Exciting times!!! Noah got to test out Baby Wolfe-on-the-way's new jungle bouncer and although his feet didn't quite touch the ground yet, Jackson made sure Noah bounced up and down the way it was supposed to work. It was so cute to see them play together! Thanks, Cuz!!

Molly would have been playing too, but she was napping, sweet baby girl!

Noah & Grandma Wolfe

Third of all, Noah turned 6 months old today!! Seriously, 6 months old! I cannot believe it's been a half of a year already, it is amazing to see how much he has changed and grown and learned in the past 6 months. He had his checkup at the dr today and he is just the perfect little man. He is 18lbs 10oz and 25 in long. Still short and chubby...but again, who can resist those chipmunk cheeks?! We have been blessed with such a good baby, what an abundance of blessings he has brought into our household. And check out Noah's latest accomplishment's certainly not perfected yet, but luckily, he's got some extra padding for when he topples over and he's getting stronger and stronger everyday!!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Dedication Day

This is our pulpit minister, Rick Brown, peforming the infant dedication of Noah

Aw, yeah family!!!

Noah was dedicated at church this morning, which basically is the parents' way of dedicating themselves to raise their child in the ways of Christ, setting a Godly example for him to follow and ensuring he receives an upbringing pleasing to the Lord. This also allowed us the opportunity to share a special time in Noah's little life with those closest to us. We hosted both sides of our families as well as the elders and their families and the pastor and his wife from our church for a wonderful lunch and great time of fellowship in our home. It is just amazing to me how one little life can bring so many together in love and support of his future and all he has to offer to the world around him. We love you Noah!!!


In recent Noah happenings, there isn't anything too major to report. He rolls all ways a baby can roll now, so it's always a surprise as to where and how you will find him every morning. He has also started eating some green veggies, much to his dismay. He's growing like crazy...I'm very interested to see what his length and weight are at the doctor in a week and a half when we go for his six month...that's right...his SIX month check up...seriously, where does the time go? Wasn't it just Thanksgiving yesterday?! Well, all I know is, no matter how fast he grows, he just keeps getting cuter and cuter everyday...enjoy these pictures of our little man!!!

Look at how talented I am!

Sweet potatoes make me sleepy...Zzzz

So happy in my Exersaucer

Tell me that little face doesn't melt your heart!

Snuggling with my Chewy fast asleep in my carseat

I go down for my nap like this...

I wake up from my nap like this!


Yes, despite my chubbiness, I CAN get my foot in my mouth!

This is the life!