Sunday, September 27, 2009

Road Trip, 10 Months Old, & A Sleepless Night

Noah and I took a road trip down to Eaton, OH this weekend to visit my sister Deb and her husband Dave. We had an absolute blast!!! Check out all the fun we had...

XBox fun!!!


Aunt Debbie ran a 5K in 26min 40sec...we are so proud of you!

Noah discovered the little peep-hole through the top of his stroller while we were at the race...funny!

Hi, Guinea Pigs

Fun with Jack

"Good Night, Moon"


Yummy dinner in my Booster seat...I am finally starting to like Stage 3 babyfood!

Mommy and her Little Man

Dinner Saturday night, yummy Italian Cuisine

Patty Cake, Patty Cake, Baker's Man...


10 Month Old Cutie...

Check me out after eating my first Biter Biscuit...ew!

Such a Little Guy

This picture was taken moments before I got a big GASH on my table - 1 Noah - 0!

Look at me standing!!!

At the Constitution Parade

Happy Baby Boy


The second evening in Eaton went a little something like this...

Noah went to bed at his usual time, about 8:00pm and fell asleep fairly quickly. The three of us stayed up and watched part of a movie and Debbie and I looked up birthday cake designs on the internet and laughed uncontrollably...what we do best...don't ask. Anyway, then we all went to bed at 11:30pm. I have been blessed with the gift of worrying, which I realize is terribly disappointing to God, but it is my vice in life and so there I lay, at 12:30am, still awake...and Noah starts to cry...and cry, and cry, and cry harder, and cry louder. And so began my flashback to the days of having a newborn. I rocked him, changed him, fed him a bottle, read him his bedtime book again, said more prayers with him, laid him back down, lullabies on then lullabies off, light on then light off...he was inconsolable, poor baby. He then seemed to get over all of it and just wanted to play, cue the videos below. They are both dark, keep in mind, we were SUPPOSED to be sleeping...anyway, so the top video was taken from my cell phone as I laid there in my bed listening to him babble his baby babble and the video below is of him standing himself up while still babbling...he was up and down several times as he continued to stay awake and play until 3:30am. At which point he finally zonked out and so did mommy, only to be awoken by him bright and early at 6:45am. Luckily, the 4 1/2 hour drive home was much easier than I thought, really thought I was going to struggle to stay awake. Praying for a quiet, peaceful, restful night tonight and thankful for the reminder that I am not quite ready to return to the days of a newborn yet. And somehow he is STILL the most adorable baby in the entire Universe, despite the frustration I felt last night, he's a charmer for sure!!

Everything Noah sees is a "ba ba" one knows why...

The clicking noise you hear is him clicking his tongue and watch carefully, he pops up a little over halfway through the video and at least that time he didn't throw his binky across the room!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

Just wanted to post some pictures of our events from this past Labor Day weekend. Lots of time well spent with lots and lots of family, how blessed we are to be surrounded by so much love!!!

Mr. & Mrs. David Craddock

My Seeeeeester & her Bookie

The Red Heads minus Noahman

Look at us all dressed up

Little Miss Molly's baptism day, just relaxing with Grandpa Wolfe

JackJack with Mommy

Biggie Boy in the carseat

Look, Mommy, I stood myself what do I do?!

Mommy and her little Noahman

Just cause he's so stinkin' adorable!!!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Go, Noah, Go!

It's true, he's on the move, and it's so stinkin' cute...although exhausting, and I'm sure that only gets more true as he will be graduating from crawling, to walking, to running all too soon! But for today, Noah is an expert crawler, which also makes him an expert crumbs-on-the-floor-finder-and-picker-upper-and-put-in-mouth-taste-tester. A 9 month old can sure give a mommy a wake-up call as to just how clean the house really is in a hurry and needless to say, vacuuming and sweeping are now on the daily task list. But it's all worth it!

As a new mommy, I feel like I repeat myself a lot, telling the same stories and showing the same pictures over and over again, but maybe that's just the world of being a mommy. Noah's 9 month checkup was the same report, he's perfect, of course!! Anyone can look at that cute little face and know that! He weighed in at 22lbs 1oz, biggie boy, that's the 75th percentile and yet he still can't seem to break through that 10th percentile for height, measuring in at 27in. Grow, baby, grow!! The doctor gave us the green light to start transitioning Noah to milk, leaving at least 1 bottle of formula in his daily diet until he turns 1 year old. This is going to be a very slow transition as it makes me a little nervous, but, I have to say, Noah is a champ at the sippy cup now and really loves drinking his milk out of it. It's funny when the most exciting event in your day is your little one learning how to nourish himself, seriously, what did we talk about before we had a baby?! So, fun!!

Each day seems to bring something new, this is such an exciting age and Tony and I are truly enjoying every minute of this little man, he just amazes us with how much he is learning and becoming more intentional in what he "says" and does and how crazy-smart 9 month olds are! I think my two favorite things right now are going in to get Noah up from sleeping and he's sitting up holding his little "Chewie" (aka: the little rag with a head on it) and he has his binky in his mouth. He immediately smiles and pulls out his binky and knows it stays in his crib and now he can get up! Those little blue eyes pearing over the bumper in his crib melt my heart everytime. The other thing is when he goes to bed at night, he gets a bottle in the rocker in his room and then we read "Goodnight Moon". Well, he has learned that taking the time to burp is not something he wants to do, and so he will emphatically throw himself back down against my arm because he knows that is how I hold him when we read "Goodnight Moon". It's precious!!

I'll leave you with some pictures of this little man, but really only videos do him justice these days because he's so entertaining and he moves so much, all the pictures are blurry.

Oh, and Noah wanted me to let everyone know that he now has 6 teeth and a 7th ready to make it's entrance anyday now. He's very proud of his ability to cut teeth!

Check me out!

Biggie Boy in the Bathy-tub!

I know this one is dark, but what a cutie! That little face is absolutely priceless!!