Monday, June 29, 2009

Pictures of a June to Remember By: Noah Wolfe

My Aunt Amanda came to visit from CA and I had SO much fun spending time with her.

Aunt Amanda got to hear me say "ma ma" and "ba ba" A LOT! I also loved showing her how I can shake my head "no" and stick my tongue out at the same time.

Mommy dressed me up like Gilligan to go to the Hall of Fame pool...what was she thinking?!

I had my sandals and hat off not ten seconds after this picture was taken!

When we got to the pool Mommy put sunscreen on me and before she could wipe it off my hands I rubbed my eyes, threw a fit because it burned, and then fell asleep for about 45 minutes...apparently I was tired as well as traumatized from the sunscreen mishap.

When I woke up I was much happier so mommy let me splash in the kiddie pool, which was way too cold and just made me more unhappy when the bigger kids started splashing too much. So much for my first visit to the swimming pool.

I also got to swing in my new swing Daddy hooked up outside for me. I LOVE it, it tickles my tummy and makes me giggle.

After Aunt Amanda left to go back home Mommy and I spent the rest of the week just the two of us because Daddy was at ALIVE getting drenched! We were happy when he finally came home from camping, he missed me the MOST!!!

I love to sit up and play with my Zoo, it sings silly songs. Most of the time I'm really just interested in chewing on it...along with everything else I can get my hands on. I am loving playing on my tummy as well and can manage to scoot myself backward and get stuck under things like the coffee table, the end table, my pack 'n sometimes I just roll to get where I need to go, it's easier.

I'm growing so much hair lately Mommy calls me her little Chia Pet. She thought it would be funny to stand my hair up in a mohawk...and there it stayed for the rest of the day.

This is me and my Daddy celebrating his first Father's Day...he wouldn't have had anything to celebrate without me!!!

The month of June brought in my first three teeth!! And the fourth should be in within the next week or so...until then, keep the Orajel and Infant Tylenol coming and bring on the teething rings, or duckies, or stars...I have lots of teething toys!

I now eat three meals a day and am growing, growing, growing...just not lengthwise yet! I went to the doctor today for a checkup from my last ear infection and found out I weigh 20 lbs!!! I think it's time for Mommy and Daddy to think about moving me into a biggie boy carseat. Mommy says she never thought I would still be in it at 7 months so it's probably time to graduate to the convertible carseat...but I think Mommy really just doesn't want me to grow up so quickly.

Whew, what an eventful month June has been!!! For now, you are up-to-date on all of the new news in my little World and I am exhausted, so here's to a good night's sleep...Zzzzz....

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Babblings of a Six Month Old

So, the resolution is a little crazy because this is a video from my phone and I realize he's not talking TO me...but it still warms my heart. Check out this amazing video of our smart little man!!!

He SO loves his Mama more than his Dada!

Monday, June 8, 2009

One Tooth, Three Parties, Five Weeks and Thirty Years

One is the number of new teeth Noah has...three is the number of birthday parties Tony enjoyed...five is the number of weeks we have left until Oak Island, NC...and thirty is the age my hubby turned this past Saturday!!!

It seems that our lives have turned into quite the whirlwind of events over the past month or so, which has been exciting, exhausting and much treasured. It's been amazing to see how we continue to find our groove as a family of three with every new discovery Noah makes and every change of his routine we make and each day's uncharted territory of parenthood becomes old hat so quickly. God really sent us a great baby to learn how to be parents with, he's so laid back, smiley, patient and just such a joy each and every day. Especially when he gets his first ear infection and never once complains about it! So Noah is experiencing his first ever round of antibiotics and he's back on Albuterol for his wheezing. Everything from congestion, to coughing to an ear infection all happened within the same timeframe of him cutting his first tooth, so it's hard to know what started what, but he's happy and healthy as usual and his second tooth is going to make it's grand appearance anyday now!

We celebrated Tony's 30th birthday this past weekend with three parties, starting with a wonderful family dinner at Bravo. It was fun to get both sides of the family together to celebrate such a milestone for Tony, what an old man he is! Then he had a guy's night at the house with all the food you could eat and all the Poker you could ask for! This party was equally fun for Noah and me because we got to have a sleepover at Grandma R*'s house...he is a noisy roomie though, I don't envy his future college roommate. Noah's rolling over consists of snorts and snarfs and moaning and groaning and he is sure to use every last inch of his crib at some point throughout the night. But it was funny to wake up in the morning and see him propped up on his belly just beaming from ear to ear that it was morning time and I was right there in the room to greet him. The third party was thrown by the youth group, each kid brought Tony a qty. of 30 of a creative item. He got everything from green olives, to bandaids to squares of toilet paper. It was a fun event for the kids and the cupcakes and presents marked the official end to Tony's 30th birthday celebrations!!

So we are five weeks from vacation at Oak Island and I just have to throw that in here because I cannot wait to have time away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and just breathe. I'm planning on spending as much time playing with Noah as possible, napping often, reading all my mom's People magazines and soaking up the sun!!! Ah, Oak Island...

But getting back to reality for a sister is flying in from SoCAL tomorrow and is staying with us for a week! I am so excited, I haven't seen her since our wedding, and she was thirteen then, so we have lots and lots of catching up to do. I think we may even squeeze in a day at Cedar Point and try to get to the pool, fun!

And then I get to try out my skills of being a single parent for a week while Tony is camping at Alive with his youth group. I'm really looking forward to having Noah all to myself, besides the fact that I have to work every day. But I'm envisioning lots of early-to-bed nights for me as May and June have been exhausting months and July doesn't hold the promise of being much quieter, besides the week at Oak Island!

So, to make a long story even longer, all is as it should be in our little world. I guess it's just amazing to me how life brings you so many blessings and good times with those you love the most and being able to share all of these moments with our new little man, even though he will not remember them in the future, means the WORLD to us! It's the little really is. It's about doing everyday life with those you love the most, and he's at the top of the list! I'll finish with this moment I had the other night with Baby Noah...


A few nights ago Noah was having a terrible time falling asleep. He would cry because he couldn't breathe, then his crying would cause him to become more congested, then he would cry harder, which would make him cough, then he would cry even harder and I just knew he was miserable. He's never been sick before and although he never had a fever or grabbed his ear, I was sure it was hurting as the antibiotic hadn't had enough time to take effect yet. So, despite all that I've read and all that I've been told and all that I know to be true, I went into his room, shut the door, picked him up, wiped off his face and sat down in the rocking chair with him. I started singing "Prince of Peace" just like I always sang to him when he was crying in the first few weeks after coming home from the hospital, and he started to calm down. I laid back in the rocker with my feet propped up and laid him face up down the front of me. He wiggle and scootched and finally got comfy with his head laying on my arm, his little body positioned right down the front of me and his chubby feet sprawled out across my thighs...and he drifted off to sleep, so peacefully. I watched his little face in the dim nightlight as I rocked him back and forth. His face so innocent, his plump, round cheeks were so precious, his little mouth was making a sucking motion as if he was dreaming of his pacifier and every once in a while he'd take in a quickened, staggered breath remant of his crying as if to say, 'I'm okay now, my mommy's here with me, there's no need to cry any longer'. Never have I felt a greater sense of love and fulfillment than I did in that moment. Words cannot describe how I felt knowing that that little baby face was sent straight from Heaven to us with such promises and distinct purpose already evident in his first few months of life, and a few tears quietly trickled down my cheeks as I thought to myself, Jen, you need to never take for granted the little human being God has entrusted to you. Noah won't be six months old forever and stopping time just for a minute, throwing the rulebook out the window and trusting my mommy instict gave me the opportunity to really look at this little man and take him in and know he truly, truly is a gift. Sometimes a baby just needs his mommy. I love you, little man!


Hi, World, I'm Noah!

Daddy's comfy

Yummy! More peas please...

Seriously, give them to me...

I guess I will just have to go after them, then!

Yes, I stalk my child while he's sleeping...