Friday, March 12, 2010

Biggie Boy Haircut

Noah was brave and experienced his first haircut this past Wednesday evening. The pictures are kind of like watching a film strip...sat in the booster with the cape on...cried...sat on Mommy's lap with the cape off...still cried...sat on the cutting station table and made phone calls on the salon phone...whined a little...ended up with a handsome guy hair cut and now Mommy has officially lost her baby boy...look at how grown up I am! Thanks, Joni, you are the best!!!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Let's face it, Noah will always be my little baby boy!

So, I guess we can disregard the need to change to a new blog, at least for now. Because, according to Noah's 15 month checkup, he is holding strong and still remaining UNDER 30" in height. He is officially 29 3/4", which Dr. Motz was quite surprised at the lack of a growth spurt, he was fully expecting it by now. Noah weighs 25 lbs. 2 oz., which is the 50th percentile for his age, but because of his height, they are concerned and having us cut out his "nite nite" bottle (which makes Mommy extremely sad) as well as his milk at lunchtime...water it is! We will probably look back and laugh someday when he towers over 6 feet tall, you never know!

But enough of the statistical updates on Noahman, check out all of the fun our 15 month old is having!!!

Me sitting on my Daddy's lap on the couch

Don't I look so, not, the little guy!

We aren't the best at taking our own pictures, but we tried!

I finally gave up posing and just drank out of my brand

new sippy while Mommy took the picture.

Showing my cousin the ropes of my Exersaucer, I

spent lots of time in there when I was her age, she loves it too!

I got the coolest CAVS Littleman rocking chair from Aaron & Christina, they spoil me rotten and I love it! Christina is my favorite person to see at church every Sunday!

Here is a brighter picture, but I'm busy concentrating on SID the Science Kid so no looking at the camera to show how much I love my new rocker! But I do, so much that I even push it around the room with me all day.

AND...I got to play in the SNOW for the first time!!! Daddy calls me his little "Snow-a Man"

The backs of my little thighs got extremely cold within about 3 minutes and I was begging to go back inside! If only I could have some hot chocolate...maybe warm chocolate would be safer.

Spencer was helping me play as I made a Noah-sized print in the snow!


My favorite thing to eat for breakfast are "toast-bites"'s just a regular piece of toast cut up into Noah bite-size pieces, but it sounds cooler to call them "toast-bites!

Hope I don't lose my toast-bites from being in this position!

Me and my Daddy upsidedown!

I like to rearrange Mommy's tupperware cupboards while she cooks, and I thought this one belonged on my head! Don't worry, Mommy, I still have the right lid to go with it too!


More to come because............drumroll...........I get my first biggie boy haircut this week!!! Mommy is sad and Daddy is excited because he said my curls were starting to make me look like a girl. Should be an experience to remember!