Saturday, January 7, 2012

1,2 & 3

1 Month

~9lbs 9oz (50th)

~20 1/2 in long (25th)

~14 1/2in head circumference (50th)

Went to visit the incredible doctor who delivered me in this adorable outfit

Mommy's work sent me a FedEx newborn giftset, too cute

My big brother loves me


Silly smile

First time at church...snoozefest...Daddy was preaching

First Bath in the big tub -- my brother has a strikingly similar picture

All better!

2 months

~11lbs 6oz (75th)

~21 1/2in long (25th)

~15in head circumference (50th)

Bumbo fun

Pretty Girl smiles

Love my pink robe

3 years


~38in tall (75th!!)

~19 3/4 in head circumference