Tuesday, March 20, 2012

4 Months

4 Month Stats:

13lbs 12oz (50th percentile)

22 3/4in (10th percentile -- just like her brother!)

head 15 3/4in (35th percentile)

Princess, Adorable, Snuggly, Lovable, Giggly, Cooing, Precious beyond words (100th percentile)

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sesame Street is brought to you today, by the number 3

What you would learn this month if you were to watch "a day in the life" starring Noah & McKenna Wolfe...


~ Is still 3, an I mean 3 to the fullest extent of that number...

~ Still attempting to get him on board with potty training. Grandma Wolfe tried a couple weekends ago and we gave it a try once at our house and it turns out, Noah is calling the shots and he's just not interested. And so, we wait...

~He is doing well napping and sleeping at night without the b-i-n-k-y, yes, we still spell it but he's pretty much forgotten that it exists. He had lost interst in his Chewie around the same time we took away the b-i-n-k-y, but he's back to loving Chewie now and has quit sucking his lower lip to soothe himself finally.

~He's trying new foods, finally, and has even taken a liking to some meats. Although we do bribe him with condiments to dip everything in, so that helps with the fastination, but hey, it makes the medicine go down so we roll with it.

~He can spell about five words now, including his name. He's really into drumming and rhythms and can make some percussion beats with his mouth that are pretty impressive.

~He's really starting to imagine and role play and make up stories which is super funny to listen to when he thinks no one is paying attention. And lots of times he ends up saying something like, "You make me crazy" or "I'm the boss, you go to sleep" or "Sit in time out, three minutes!" Not sure where he hears such things!

~He keeps asking me to build a snowman but there just aren't enough flakes on the ground. So much for his snowsuit this season. Now he's starting to ask when we can go swimming and I'm totally with him on that one, bring on summer!

~I watch him through the window when he is on his new Sunday School sometimes and he is usually sitting nicely at the table participating in the activity. I'm so proud of him!

~I lost my calculator the other day and it turned out he was taking his "number phone" for a ride in his tricycle, that thing is dangerous. We've found food and day old sippies in there, it's like he thinks he's a squirrel.

~He's really good at riding his biggie boy bike and I can't wait until he can ride it outside once the weather gets warmer.

~He has learned how to zip and upzip his coat, can dress and undress himself and brushes his teeth as often as he can get away with it, I'm pretty sure he just likes eating the training toothpaste.


~Is 3 months, and turning 3 months has definitely come with a new set of challenges for us and for her.

~She doesn't so much like her binky but won't always be patient enough to suck her thumb, so she tends to be in a state of frustration when trying to soothe herself.

~She naps on her belly downstairs, which is crazy because Noah always napped in his swing and with her, we've never even set it up. I do think, though, that it is causing her to not sleep well at night because she doesn't like sleeping on her back, she much prefers her belly now. And all because Mommy is so paranoid about her getting a flat head in the back like Noah did.

~She's going through a month-long growth spurt it seems. Our good sleeper is not such a good sleeper any longer and she still eats every 3 hours around the clock some days.

~She coos, razzes, giggles, belly laughs, is enamored by her big brother and has a smile that just lights up the world!

~She's still wearing 3 month clothes but is just about ready to start into some 6 month stuff.

~She rolled both ones one day and has not done it again yet.

~She holds her head up really well, sits up in the Bumbo, and loves playing on her tummy during tummy time.

~She can hold and grasp objects and get them up to her mouth so it's turning into a droolfest most days now.

It's exciting times at our house watching our two kiddos grow and discover and change...and it's also very exhausting times...we are truly blessed!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

1,2 & 3

1 Month

~9lbs 9oz (50th)

~20 1/2 in long (25th)

~14 1/2in head circumference (50th)

Went to visit the incredible doctor who delivered me in this adorable outfit

Mommy's work sent me a FedEx newborn giftset, too cute

My big brother loves me


Silly smile

First time at church...snoozefest...Daddy was preaching

First Bath in the big tub -- my brother has a strikingly similar picture

All better!

2 months

~11lbs 6oz (75th)

~21 1/2in long (25th)

~15in head circumference (50th)

Bumbo fun

Pretty Girl smiles

Love my pink robe

3 years


~38in tall (75th!!)

~19 3/4 in head circumference