Saturday, June 18, 2011

Ultrasounds, Puggles & Summertime Fun

McKenna Love!

We had our 20 week tummy check and ultrasound just about a week ago and it felt like the longest month ever leading up to that appointment! We were all so anxious to see if our baby was healthy and growing at a good pace. I was nervous since my thyroid levels had been so drastically off the first part of this pregnancy and the Dr. said it could really effect the baby's ability to grow properly. As it turns out, the baby was measuring right on for most of the measurements (especially around the head) and was measuring about 3-4 days behind everywhere else. Baby weighed in at 11oz and the heartrate was 152 bpm.

Noah went with us to that ultrasound along with the grandmas, all of us hoping to find out the big news...girl or boy?!?! He was so well-behaved, he was looking up at the monitor on the wall with his little mouth hanging open as he sat on Daddy's lap and said, "I see baby." "I see heartbeat...buboom, buboom, buboom." "Baby so cute!" Luckily, once he was bored of that scene, Grandma Wolfe has brought along grapes and Scooby snacks and Noah was content to munch and sporadically count my toes while I was up on the table. But he did really well and we were so glad he was able to be a part of that experience and see images of his little sibling for the first time.

Everything looked great on the ultrasound, and with a LOT of pushing and prodding at my stomach, most of which made me more nervous that my bladder was going to empty itself on the exam table more than disturbing the little one growing inside of finally uncrossed it's legs...and there was no denying it...IT'S A GIRL!!!!! McKenna Dawn Wolfe is on her way and growing perfectly! We feel so blessed to complete our family with a beautiful baby girl. And we could not be more excited for her big brother who is already one amazing kid. Both of our angels from Heaven! Praise be to God, we are eternally grateful!

The Dr. met with me afterward for my regular tummy check and all was well there as well. It turns out my placenta is a little too close to my cervix so I will get another ultrasound at 3o weeks to ensure everything has moved up at least 1 cm. If not, the Dr. said there could be talk of a c-section but I'm nowhere close to actually having placenta previa and they aren't labeling it as such. He said there's about a 99.99% chance everything will move up into place so no need to worry. And considering how very quietly and smoothly this pregnancy has gone compared to Noah's, despite some early insomnia and lots and lots of nausea for 15 weeks, I have every reason to believe everything is going to be just fine! I go back again at 24 weeks for a tummy check, 28 weeks for my glucose test, and 30 weeks for the next ultrasound.

I have been really bad about taking belly pics and journaling this pregnancy, but I finally did get a baby book filled in for Miss McKenna and I have some belly pics as well. I will have to post those next time because our scanner has decided to stop working once fun! I know every Mommy of more than one child has told me the second pregnancy is different, and I echo that truth whole-heartedly. Although I have to say, in some ways it is an amazing experience. Because I have much less time to read the week-by-week pregnancy books and am just trusting the process God put into motion. I have every faith McKenna is going to be a beautiful, healthy baby girl and this time is able to be devoted to Mr. Noahman and soaking up these last months of just one kiddo to snuggle, so we can have twice the snuggles come this fall! Watching our baby boy grow up into such a great kid just makes us so much more excited to hold McKenna and watch her grow into her own as well. Little miracles!


On another note, and I hesitate to document this experience only because I have terribly mixed emotions about is still a part of our family journey and it's something to look back on from time to time. Through no real pressure or desire of any of ours, it has worked out circumstancially that we have given Spencer to a new home. We picked up Spencer at 7 lbs and all curly-tailed and puppy breath adorable in the Spring of 2006, when he was just 8 weeks old. He has been a part of our family for the past 5 years and we have shared many family experiences with him and have come to know his personality undeniably well. He truly became just the dog after Noah was born, but he and Noah interacted great together and we have lots of video and pictures of those experiences that we will definitely cherish. It turned out my Aunt was looking for a dog and had had two really bad experiences trying to find a good fit for her home. She and Spencer have always been buddies and the timing worked out perfectly for both of us, as we were all headed out of town for a week. So we took Spencer to my Aunt's house last Saturday along with all of his belongings and boy, they have created quite the bond already. I am really sad that I know he is getting more attention than he had with us and is probably, in some ways, much better suited for a kid-free, and judging by his personality, other doggy-free environment with 100% one-on-one attention. I guess the maternal part of me is sad I didn't try harder to give that to him, but I'm also excited for him and my Aunt to really love each other and enjoy each other's company. And we will have another dog someday...way down the road when our kids are older, but we just felt this was best for everyone involved. If he hadn't gone to family we would have never considered giving him up to anyone else, and this way, we know where he is and can still visit him from time to time. So, Spencer James, Pencies, Puggly, Doodle, Noodle, Doodle James...we love you, Noodle-head and we really miss you like crazy and hope we did the best thing for you.


We also had the opportunity to visit my sister, brother-in-law and niece for a week while Tony was away on a mission trip with the youth group. Our days were filled with walks, shopping, a visit to a local rescue zoo with the CUTEST baby goat and baby bear ever, art projects, lots of messy meals, the "Ah!" game between the two kiddos...let's just say it got loud...and lots of snuggles, hugs and great memories!

I had a glimpse of our not-so-distant future with two carseats in the backseat of my car!

Baby Billy Goats

At the zoo!

Art Projects for Father's Day...and yes, my son is painting his foot!

We even had a Seester night out thanks to her amazing hubby, so fun and refreshing for us both!