Monday, May 31, 2010

18 Months

Noahman is 1 1/2 already, does time ever slow down?! He just had his 18 month check-up, during which we learned that he is deathly afraid of the scale for some unknown reason and is able to break a tongue depressor with his clinched teeth, Dr. Motz sure did earn his money that 10 minutes! Noah is measuring in the 50th percentile for his head circumference and his weight, he's back at 25 lbs 2 oz. and is still in the 10th precentile for his height, he grew 1 inch in three months...hey, forward progress is forward progress.

He successfully dropped his nighttime bottle, as you probably recall, the 15-month attempt to drop the bottle was traumatic for both Noah and his Mommy. And I am actually really stoked to get them all washed and out of my cupboards/dishwasher, it was time. He also dropped his morning nap with not too much of a fuss, there were a few hairy days while he was adjusting, but overall, I don't think we ruined our good sleeper and it lets Mommy spend much more time with her Littleman in the mornings before work now!

Noah knows even more animal sounds than we can keep track of, including snake and rooster, he does the Hokey Pokey (so he can officially attend weddings this summer!) and he has taken to feeding himself with a spoon really well. He knows how to have a phone conversation, it goes something like..."Hi, How u? HA, HA HA, HA HA HA, Oh, ok, k, bu-bye!" He then hangs up the phone and starts all over again...He loves to draw, it appears he is going to be left-handed, he prefers it when drawing and feeding himself with a spoon. He also loves to dance, watch Elmo's World, if very loosely translated, he counts to 5 with help, and he has learned how to blow on things to cool them off, says "Weeeeee" while he is swinging or when he wants to swing, and he apparently knows what a Kleenex is for...Mommy just learned he knows that, seriously where do kids learn these things? I never taught him that! He also loves to give hugs and kisses and is quite the little snugglebug when his busy agenda allows for it.

He recently discovered that our cordless phone could go for a swim in the toilet, luckily, Daddy was able to revive it. He also tries to shampoo and brush his hair all by himself. And he LOVES brushing his teeth...sometimes he accidentally uses Daddy's tooth brush instead, gross!

He LOVES outside and throws royal tantrums when he has to come in, to the point that sometimes I just deposit him back out onto the back deck so I don't have to listen to him any longer.

We are on the verge of introducing time-out, Noah's big personality comes with some big opinions which lead to even bigger tantrums and we are learning that we want to be consistent parents, not over-use the time-out option, and we are in the process of learning how to balance all of that while keeping in mind that we have many, many years of parenting ahead of us.

Noah is undoubtedly the brightest part of our lives and we love out little Noahman more than we ever thought possible!!!

This is Noah being like Daddy...relaxed, enjoying life, not a care in the World...


And this is Noah being like Mommy...separating, categorizing, organizing...okay, okay, so he was just dumping out the canister of rubber bands and pens, but he seriously does organize and I am proud of that!


Cousins playing together!!! Aren't they adorable?!?!


And this is a video of Noah doing a fairly decent job feeding himself a bowl of applesauce...notice which hand he is using...



It was Noah's first time swimming and he had a blast!!!

He LOVED splashing around with his cousins, even thought the current littlest cousin wasn't at Grandma's house yet, she was stinkin' cute in her swimsuit too!!!



Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Dizzy, Dancing, and Refrigerator Raids