Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Still Nauseated...but surviving...

So, morning sickness has turned into evening sickness. But, on the bright side, the pregnancy seems to be moving along must be growing like a weed. Overall, I am feeling better, but it doesn't help that I just ate a Pomegrante Mixed Berry popsicle, that was a really bad idea, apparently. It sounded good, who knew baby would not be a fan. So, now it is on to find the next food to settle my stomach. It's a game I like to play these days...

As far as baby goes, the end of next week will put baby in the fetus stage officially. I will be at the end of my 10th week!! According to the many books I have, baby is actually looking like a person more and more everyday, and all major organ development is virtually done, now it's just a matter of growth, growth, and more growth. Baby is about the size of a medium green olive...although, I have to say, my waist is getting marginally bigger compared to that. I still haven't tackled shopping for new clothes yet...and one of these mornings while I'm getting ready for work, I'm really going to be out of luck in the pants department! Yikes!

Tony has been wonderful, he made me the biggest plate of french fries a girl could ask for the other night, which I inhaled and slept like a baby. He has been more than gracious, making Subway runs, getting me water refills, listening to me cry...and cry...and cry. I think I am entertaining for him most days.

Spencer...I could KILL!!! The dog and I are NOT friends right, things aren't looking so good for Spence.

But the BEST NEWS OF that baby Jackson is here!!! Andy & Stacey had a beautiful baby boy this past Saturday morning (early, early morning) and he is beautiful!!! My first exciting!! It will be so fun to watch him grow, and someday (in about 6-7 months), play with his new cousin!! Congrats to Andy and Stacey!!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

No More Saltines, please...

Well, I am happy to announce that my morning/afternoon/evening sickness seems to have subsided. Or at least for the last few days it has... so, we'll see. It couldn't have come at a better time, though, because if I had to eat one more saltine, those were going to make me sick...ick!!! Whatever hormones were making me feel nauseated left my digestive system and, I believe, went straight to my tear ducts. It's been non-stop crying for me since Monday, which is quite entertaining for Tony. It's one of those "crying for no reason, the world is going to end, I'm going to be a terrible mom, why in the world am I crying so much" kind of cries. Gotta love hormones...I do laugh about it between the tears. It's ridiculous.

I am now battling a sinus infection/cold of some sort that Tony was so kind to share with if he hasn't done enough already. So, that has made the last couple days less than pleasant, but I think I would take this over baby sickness anyday.

Less and less of my pants are fitting and I have yet to go shopping for my first set of "I'm having a baby" clothes. But I imagine within the next week or so it is going to become nesessary...leading worship last Sunday morning with my pants unbuttoned was an interesting situation...of which I'd rather not have too many more.

Well, that's about it for now. Keep praying for the baby, losing the morning sickness caused a little panic within me, but I have to believe baby is still growing just fine and I have just graduated onto another stage of pregnancy.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Baby's first pictures...

This last picture is the hearbeat...fascinating!!!

Baby Wolfe on the Way...

Tony and I are so excited to spread the news that we are having our first baby!!! After lots and lots of trying...of which Tony was not the least bit upset over, we decided it wasn't God's timing. Then God showed the form of a big plus sign on three home pregnancy tests. I had this whole cute little card and flower presentation all ready for Tony the day I finally peed on the stick and had a positive, however, that all went out the window quickly and all I could do was yell for Tony to come and "tell me what was wrong with this stupid test because it thinks I'm pregnant!" Very romantic. And two weeks later, we have had the opportunity not only to see our baby growing in its happy little home, but we even got to hear the heartbeat! It was so precious!!! The doctors miscalculated the first time around, so I have gone from being 9 weeks along to 6 weeks along in a matter of a day, not a good feeling when there is nausea with which to contend.

I am due November 28th (bring on the Turkey!!). This was a little sooner to tell than I thought it was going to be originally, but, nevertheless, I know this baby has lots of prayers with it all the time and LOTS of family and friends all ready to meet it in 8 months. Yeah, Baby!!!

Will this little one be Noah Anthony or Sydney Dawn...and will daddy change his mind and let mommy find out before the delivery?!?! Please, daddy, please?! I guess time will tell...we'll post more about every week as we get new pictures of my growing tummy! Exciting times!!!