Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Baby Wolfe on the Way...

Tony and I are so excited to spread the news that we are having our first baby!!! After lots and lots of trying...of which Tony was not the least bit upset over, we decided it wasn't God's timing. Then God showed the form of a big plus sign on three home pregnancy tests. I had this whole cute little card and flower presentation all ready for Tony the day I finally peed on the stick and had a positive, however, that all went out the window quickly and all I could do was yell for Tony to come and "tell me what was wrong with this stupid test because it thinks I'm pregnant!" Very romantic. And two weeks later, we have had the opportunity not only to see our baby growing in its happy little home, but we even got to hear the heartbeat! It was so precious!!! The doctors miscalculated the first time around, so I have gone from being 9 weeks along to 6 weeks along in a matter of a day, not a good feeling when there is nausea with which to contend.

I am due November 28th (bring on the Turkey!!). This was a little sooner to tell than I thought it was going to be originally, but, nevertheless, I know this baby has lots of prayers with it all the time and LOTS of family and friends all ready to meet it in 8 months. Yeah, Baby!!!

Will this little one be Noah Anthony or Sydney Dawn...and will daddy change his mind and let mommy find out before the delivery?!?! Please, daddy, please?! I guess time will tell...we'll post more about every week as we get new pictures of my growing tummy! Exciting times!!!


Heather said...

Congratulations again! Like I said before, I am thinking it's going to be Sydney Dawn, but either way, we will love it! Enjoy the next 8 months and thanks for blogging your journey :-)

Oliveoyl257 said...

I'm so happy for you guys!
By what you said in the blog I guess i wasn't the only one completly suprised :]
I would love to be able to come back and see during this time. I miss my sister so much :[

Keep me updated sis! Hope to talk to you soon.

I Love You so much!!!!