Saturday, July 25, 2009

Oak Island

Sorry it's taken so long to get pictures posted, it really doesn't feel like we even went on vacation because of how hectic life has been since we returned from the Island. We had our church lot party the day after we got home and then I directed our VBS program at church this past week, which tied up our camera as well. Both were successful events, it just left us wondering if we were even at the beach...such is life! This post was a good reminder to me that, yes, whether we feel rested or not, we were at the beach, there are lots of pictures and a video to prove it!

I will let the pictures speak for themselves, but first...don't be deceived, we actually spent very LITTLE time actually on the ocean with Noah, so we had to take them while we could. Noah was not a fan of the wind, but by the last day, he had learned to love the water. So we spent our days walking him in the stroller out to the pier and back, or just down the road, because whether I was in the water or not, I wanted to soak up that sunshine! Plus, we had lots of help with us, so Tony and I still managed to catch some waves. We shared lots of good meals, Euchre games and LAUGHTER with everyone, good memories!!! We couldn't have asked for a better trip down and back, Noah was a complete angel to travel with, stayed right on his schedule and never cried once about being stuck in his carseat for 12 1/2 hours one way. All in all, it was a fantastic trip, looking forward to next year already...

So happy to be at the beach!!

Just hanging out with my Grandpa RStarr

Mommy, get me out of this crazy, windy place

I guess I can enjoy it for a minute, daddy will make me smile despite the wind

Sitting in the beach chair all by myself! I'd rather be eating the sand, though...

I can always count on my grandma to keep the wind out of my ears

Do I like the ocean, cause I don't think I really do, Daddy

Look at the setup Noah had at the beach house, his own seat (aka exersaucer) in the living room and a pack n' play to keep him entertained. So glad we brought both!

Daniel and Amy just chillin'

Look at what a beach stud Noah is!


Just Mommy and her little man

Being silly with Daddy

Noah started feeding himself his own bottles while we were vacationing!

Sleepy boy, that ocean air zaps your energy fast!

Night, Night Oak Island, until next time...