Saturday, July 26, 2008

Random Updates...

We had our 21 week ultrasound this past week and the grandma's came along to see their little grandson wiggle, it didn't fall's really still a boy!! He was very active during the ultrasound, I think he knew we were watching. It was truly adorable. His heartbeat was 143, he is weighing in at 15 oz. and everything seems A-OK and right on target. Praise the Lord!

I was afraid I was never going to be able to fully recognize his kicking...boy was I wrong. There is no mistaking those little baby movements, and Tony has had the opportunity to feel a few...he just has to be patient and wait until Noah is ready to play. But he is getting more and more active's still cute, not painful yet.

Tony and I enjoyed a night our at the Carousel Dinner Theater the other night, which was a lot of fun! And we just got done with Vacation Bible School, marking the end of our summer craziness. That means it is on to nursery remodeling, baby registries, childbirth classes, baby shower and preparing for Noah's arrival! I'm excited but definitely enjoying every minute of being pregnant...what an absolute blessing!!!

Here is our latest family photo...

Mommy & her Noah Bump

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Future Place Kicker for the Louisville Leopards

20 Week Belly!!!
We've made it, we are officially halfway through the pregnancy and feeling good!! Noah gave me his first good kick yesterday while I was sitting at my desk at work, it tickled and I laughed out loud. It was so cute. It felt like he was turning back flips and using my stomach to propel himself around, I definitely got tears in my eyes. But then again, I got tears in my eyes the other day because of a commercial with a baby elephant giving itself a bath that I thought was the cutest thing I had ever seen. Gotta love pregnancy hormones!

We go for our 21 week ultrasound this coming Tuesday, hopefully we will get some more good pictures to post and I'm hoping he still measures at a due date of November 28th because I feel like he's getting big very quickly these days...and labor is inevitable so, yikes! We'll see!

I feel like such the mommy today, we received confirmation for our childbirth classes and I registered Noah with his pediatrician. Everyday it is becoming more real that very soon I will be holding my son in my amazing!!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Ultrasound Pictures

Here are just a few ultrasound pictures, none of which show a full body view, but they are still pretty neat.

Noah's hand

Noah's foot

Noah's feet...he actually had his little ankles crossed
in this picture.

It's a BOY!!!

So after spending 5 very long hours in the Aultman Hospital emergency room this past Monday evening, I've decided I'm going to enjoy every second between now and the delivery of my son...that was the newest traumatic experience of my short life! I've never had the opportunity to be poked and prodded so many times within a single visit to the doctor...but one thing I am sure of...they did a thorough examination, and, in the doctor's words, "Everything is perfect!"

I decided my second episode of bleeding unexpectedly, which was what sent us to the ER, was God's way of preparing me for what labor will be like...besides the fact that I was not contracting. Although I'm fairly certain contractions should distract me from any other unwanted poking or prodding pretty easily.

Needless to say, we are diligently praying that this was the LAST of the scary episodes with our little one and that pregnancy will be smooth sailing from here on out...

We had a follow-up appointment this past Wednesday and his little heartbeat was 158 and all is well. We will still have our 21 week ultrasound, even though we already know what we are having, just to make sure the delivery date still matches and the baby is still developing normally.

And, yes, you read the title right, Tony is PROUD to let everyone know that he successfully gave us a SON!! So, there was good news that came out of our recent unexpected trips to the doctor. He gave a resounding, "YES!!!" when the ultrasound tech announced what we were I guess we know how he really feels about that! We couldn't be more excited, it's so great to be able to call our little one by name, to know we are having a son and...for mommy, who likes to plan, to be able to pick out nursery themes/colors finally!!

So, for now...mommy waits anxiously for the first good kick from Noah Anthony...should be any day now!!!