Friday, September 19, 2008

Glucose Tests, Baby Showers & Childbirth Classes

Family Photo from Pabor Day...are there three
basketballs in this picture??

Lots of different topics to update on, so here we go...

I officially passed my glucose test...huge sigh of relief! And Noah and I just had our 30 week checkup this past Wednesday and he is measuring right on for his due date, his heart rate was 140 and all is well! I seem to be going through a "having trouble catching my breath" stage again, but nothing I wasn't anticipating. Just makes life more interesting, I guess! Noah is moving like crazy, he's had lots of hiccups and I think I am starting to get better at telling what position he is in or exactly what is jabbing me in the ribs, so much fun!!!

I was given the best shower by the ladies group at Louisville Christian Church. We received so many gifts; outfits, bottles, booster seats and everything in between! It was such a wonderful event, we couldn't feel more blessed with all of the love and support our church family gives us.

Tony and I attended our first child birth class this past Tuesday evening. All the couples in our class are first-time parents, which I'm assuming is usually the case, and the couple we were paired with for the "get to know you" part of class were super nice. She is due 5 days before me, and to my surprise, half the class isn't due until around New Years. I definitely thought we would be on the later end of the due dates attending classes now. I didn't really feel I learned anything new this first session, probably because the instructor presented out of a book we had been given when we found out we were expecting and I have already read it cover to cover twice. But Tony said he found it really helpful. The classes to come over the next month are definitely going to get more interesting and interactive so we'll see what is to come!

We are officially at the 10 week countdown to baby time!!! It seems crazy that 30 weeks are behind us and so few are still ahead of us. Besides being a little more winded, I still feel great and am loving pregnancy. Praying all continues to go well as we look forward to our Baby Open House in October and then finishing up our preparations for Noah's arrival at the end of November...stay tuned for nursery progress updates/pictures, daddy has been working hard and it's almost ready!

30 Week Belly!


Sandra said...
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Kristen said...

How exciting!! You, Tony and baby Noah are in my prayers. Love ya!!

Heather said...

I was checking my email/facebook from my mom's computer the other day and read your blog, got excited, posted a comment, and it said FROM SANDRA-so I deleted it-didn't want you thinking my mom is also a blog stalker ;-)
I can't believe you have less than 10 weeks-that is so cool! We'll be praying for a safe, timely, and uncomplicated delivery!