Thursday, April 16, 2009

Recent Happenings in the World of Noah

I have learned how to "officially and unassisted-ly (that's not even a word)" roll over...which mommy was going to post a video of, but daddy can't get the camera to give up the footage, so, you'll just have to trust me...I'm a rockin' and a rollin'.

I have also started eating in my brand new high chair and feel like such a biggie boy!!! I'm up to 2 TBSP of cereal at dinner and I've been begging mommy to give me some along with my morning bottle, hopefully she'll listen to me soon! I'm a growing boy you know...

In other news, I have discovered my feet, which has led to me almost removing my socks a few times. But much more importantly, has led me to start 'helping' when it's time to change my diaper...which mommy says will inadvertantly lead to more new discoveries...but I'm not sure what she's talking about just yet.

I have also learned that I LOVE to hear my voice through the monitor when I talk into mommy's microphone during Praise Team practice...American Idol, Season 24, starring Noah Wolfe!!!

And finally, I just celebrated my very first Easter! I didn't get an Easter basket, there was no giant bunny that visited me and I didn't even get any chocolate. It was pretty much like any other day, except I was dressed like a stud and I got to enjoy an afternoon visiting my family. What kind of parents don't get their kid an Easter basket on their first Easter...seriously?!

Happy Easter!!!

Me getting smarter as I watch Baby Einstein
while mommy gets ready for work.

Ah, happy nappy time is the best...


Kristen said...

Oh gosh. Soooo incredibly cute! I wish we lived closer so I could see Noah in person. Love ya girl!!

H. said...

I can hardly wait til season 24 of AI...hopefully he will be more like Gokey and less like Lambert :-)He looks very handsome in that Easter outfit too!

Scott & Katie said...

haha- We are big fans of the "my kid is too young to even know that it's a holiday so let's just save money" idea. So don't worry- you aren't the only mom out there who didn't get the kids an Easter basket. In fact, we didn't even get Macey a Christmas present this year. Can you top that? :)