Monday, March 30, 2009

Who's 4 Months Old?!

Noah's 4 months old!!! Noah turned 4 months this past Friday and is just the sweetest little baby boy on the planet. He babbles non-stop about who knows what, smiles ALL the time and is sleeping through the night like a champ. He had his 4 month check-up today and he is growing wonderfully. He weighs 15 lbs. 3 oz. (50th percentile) and his height, bless his heart, is 23 in. (10th percentile). So, he's a little chub-u-bub for sure...with cheeks for days! It's part of his charm!!

He started cereal just a few days ago and was loving it until tonight. I'm guessing it is more because of the 4 vaccinations he received today than anything. He just wanted the comfort of his bottle and not all the work of eating off of a spoon. He LOVES it though, I've never seen such a smile emerge on his face until he tasted his first bite of rice cereal. Priceless.

In other news, he has started to get the hang of rolling over; as long as his arms are tucked under he has no problem rolling from his belly to his back. That's just been in the last day or so and seems to be pretty sporadic, but he's getting it! Yeah, Noah!!

There is still nothing sweeter than
a sleeping baby...

Trying out the Exersaucer for the first time

Rough nap apparently...ha ha

Check me out in all my cuteness!

Just me and my changing table!


Jen said...

he is adorable!

H. said...

It was 4 months ago you pushed that little guy out!? He's such a big boy...very cute and squeezable!! and what a great disposition!!