Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It's "Trial" Week at the Wolfe residence...

So, laugh and call me crazy, but we are having a this-is-what-life-will-look-like-once-mommy-goes-back-to-work week. We are fixing bottles, planning meals and working our schedules as if I am back at work to see if I, in fact, can keep up with the bottle-making and that Tony is prepared to have Noah all to himself for an entire day. I have been sure to stay out of the way and not hover as Tony and Noah learn their daily routine. It has been a fun learning experience for us all...and Tony is doing a FANTASTIC job!! What a great daddy he is!

Tony and I went to dinner the other night, our first time both being away from Noah. It was definitely strange to be without a baby, even just for two hours. And I was ready to get back to him soon after dinner was over, no dessert for us! But it was good to have time to reconnect and talk about life with the baby and all the new dynamics taking place around our house. I feel so grown up...and yet kind of like we are just kids having kids...it was a wonderful evening!

Noah has been going through a major growth spurt, I'm interested to see what the doctor says at his two month appt next Thursday. I have had to pray for extra patience to make it through the past week or two, but I do think we are coming out of it, gradually, and are settling back into a somewhat regular routine.

Although it has been a challenging time, we are seeing SO many smiles from Noah, hearing LOTS more coo's and A-goo's...A-ghee is his favorite sound to make. And he has started laughing, just a little, but it's happened a few times now so we don't just think it's a fluke anymore. He has also made several attempts a day to suck his thumb...new discoveries everyday!!

Check out our biggie boy!!!


H. said...

Noah is too adorable! he is getting so big! I'll be praying for the new adjustments next week...practice run (i love it) :-)

Kristen said...

Noah is too cute! I wish we lived closer so I could meet him in person. let us know how going back to work is.

Lynne said...

I can't believe how Noah is changing every day. WOW. I love the picture of Tony, Noah and the dog. How cute is that hand of Noah reaching for his paw. Good luck on your practice run week and Good luck on your return to work.