Saturday, January 7, 2012

1,2 & 3

1 Month

~9lbs 9oz (50th)

~20 1/2 in long (25th)

~14 1/2in head circumference (50th)

Went to visit the incredible doctor who delivered me in this adorable outfit

Mommy's work sent me a FedEx newborn giftset, too cute

My big brother loves me


Silly smile

First time at church...snoozefest...Daddy was preaching

First Bath in the big tub -- my brother has a strikingly similar picture

All better!

2 months

~11lbs 6oz (75th)

~21 1/2in long (25th)

~15in head circumference (50th)

Bumbo fun

Pretty Girl smiles

Love my pink robe

3 years


~38in tall (75th!!)

~19 3/4 in head circumference


Kurt and Carla said...

Your kids are adorable! Hope things go better this week for Noah and no binkie. Hang in there.

Jen said...

which Dr. delivered? She is adorable!

BabyWolfe said...

Dr. Brister, and I had seriously never met her or even heard her name before that day. How did I never know she was there? I met all the other doctors but she did a great job! I definitely had some not good times with some of the other doctors there so I was leary but she proved me wrong thank goodness :)

H. said...

So precious!

Val said...

Adorable!! :)

Jen said...

I liked Dr. Brister- she was all of my follow up care at the hospital with Si. Very nice woman :) Glad it went well.