Friday, April 15, 2011

12 Weeks

Today, I am grateful that our second little one was hiding out and the Dr. was forced to give us an ultrasound. I'm even more grateful that everything is okay, because it was definitely scary to not hear the heartbeat through the doppler. I thought for sure it would be easy by twelve weeks, so I was more than surprised and caught off guard. But God has an amazing way of making small worries turn into big rewards...because this was the coolest ultrasound!

The ultrasound tech was even excited to get me on the table because she said no one ever gets a twelve week ultrasound and they are by far the coolest. You can see EVERY feature of that little life and they still have lots of room to wiggle and move like crazy so it's completely entertaining! Our little one is so, so very active, it took quite awhile for her to "catch" the baby long enough to capture the heartbeat, and as it was, she only got a partial image across the screen before baby was off and moving again. But we did see it and got to hear it and the heart was beating at a fast and strong 175! WOW!

It was so awesome to see all the little human features...head, torso, spine, heart, legs, arms, facial structure, fingers, and toes. So very tiny! If any Mom ever thinks there's not a little life in there at this stage, I have news for them, that baby is alive and well...a tiny little angel! I was so in love with the image we saw on the screen today, just amazing!! Baby waved a couple times at us and flexed it's little legs about. So precious!

When the tech went in for the heartbeat, the baby started crawling and reaching for the top of my uterus, obviously trying to run away from the crazy weapon that was trying to push is out of its comfy place....and to be honest, I don't blame baby, I'm not real fond of that thing either! HA

But, at any rate, it was an awesome, awesome experience I got to share with my Mom. The images we have below are so great, although they don't do justice to watching the movements, for twelve weeks, they are beyond amazing!

Baby Wolfe measuring 12w3d...5 days ahead of schedule!

Head, Left arm, fingers, and little piggies!