Tuesday, November 3, 2009

11 Months Old

We are less than one month away from celebrating Noah's first birthday! He is such a handsome little man, just growing up so fast and making new discoveries eveyday. Here are some of Noah's favorite things to do these days:
  • Wear all 18 month clothing, didn't I have a 6lb. 10oz. baby...and as of 2 weeks ago when he got his flu shot he was 23lbs. 4oz. He's well on his way to quadrupuling his weight within the first year. Oh, my...
  • Eats all tablefood now, there is the ocassional babyfood jar still in the mix, but maybe every couple of days, if that, and we are not sad to see those jars go. No more half-eaten jars in the fridge that you don't remember when they were opened and I have lots more cupboard space all of a sudden too!
  • Lick the sliding glass door.
  • Play inside the dishwasher.
  • Reorganize Mommy's kitchen cupboards.
  • Flirt with waitresses at restaurants.
  • Throw temper-tantrums, I know, I know, it is only the beginning, but he flopped himself down on the floor pretty emphatically the other day when I told him 'No'. Yikes!
  • Climb up the steps (thanks to Daddy's encouragement and much to Mommy's dismay, but I let him, he loves it and is clearly proud of his new endeavor.) We just stay one step behind him because once he realizes how far up he is, he quickly surveys the scene and has no idea how to get down. It's pretty cute.
  • Turn the light switches on and off everytime we leave the room, he can't reach, obviously, but he reaches for them almost to the point of jumping out of our arms if we don't hold him close enough that he can control the lights, which he still calls "Ba-Ba" by the way...we are still trying to sort out everything that means "Ba-Ba" in Noah's world...but lights is definitely one of them.
  • When he does successfully turn the light on or off, whichever the case may be, we emphatically exclaim, in a very high-pitched voice, "You did it!" And he attempts to mimic, when usually sounds like a very high-pitched "Did it!" But pretty accurate, especially on the pitch, what a little mockingbird he is!
  • He has definitely associated "Da-Da" with Tony, but he is also trying to learn how to say "Doggy" and "All Done" (which just equals "Done" in Noah's world) and so everything starts to sound like "Da-Da" while he is trying to put sounds together, but he is good at repeating at least the first syllables we say.
  • Give kisses, so stinkin' cute!!! And sometimes a little slobbery...and sometimes you get licked...
  • Cruise along every piece of furniture within arm's length, but forget standing on his own, he is not on board with that yet, and Mommy and Daddy are A-ok with that for now!
  • Crawl behind the couch when Mommy and Daddy aren't looking, that's a fairly new discovery.

We are still working on "Bye-Bye" and waving but he definitely know when to say "Uh-Oh" and it is pretty hilarious. It's usually in conjunction with food or a sippy cup being thrown from his highchair, which the dog has learned is his cue to eat whatever has made it's way to the floor, what a circus we have at our house. But sometimes he says it if I set him down on the floor (as if I dropped him and need to pick him up) and it's his new words of choice when he wakes up in the morning, silly baby!

I was counting and he hasn't gotten any new teeth for about 3 months now, I do think he's working on his 1 yr molars, but it could still be a long process before those puppies finally poke through his little swollen gums.

Enjoy the latest pictures of our not-so-little Noahman!


Look at Noah and Molly's beautiful blue eyes,
aren't they just the cutest little cousins?!


Jenn Kiko said...

Oh my goodness he is so stinking cute!!I love the picture of him and Spencer looking out the sliding glass door.

Thanks for sharing...love that little guy.

Kristen said...

Oh gosh!! So cute and he is growing like a weed! God has truly blessed you two with a beautiful son. I can't wait to see how he grows up into a man of God. Love you guys!!

Jen said...

Love the pictures- esp. the one of him and the dog! SO cute!

H. said...

hard to believe his first year is almost complete! Thanks for sharing! He is wonderful!