Tuesday, August 11, 2009

First Attempt at Crawling

Here's Noah's first attempt at biggie boy crawling, he did manage to get up on his knees a couple of times in the video (again, it's another cell phone video so don't mind the quality). We figure a good week of this and he will be off to the races and there's no stopping him from there!!

Noahman also had some other "firsts" since the last post, namely attending the Hall of Fame parade, learning how to drink water out of a sippy cup, and tooth #5! He's also learned to growl, which is pretty hilarious, and to squeal, which sounds like what I envision a baby Pterodactyl to sound like, it's a happy squeal and really, really cute!

Hey look, I can actually WATCH the parade this year instead of just HEAR it from inside Mommy's belly!

Mommy, I just saw Sid the Science Kid!

You guys got me up WAY too early for this silly parade!

Sippy Cup & Puffs!!!


Robin said...

aw, look at him go!! he is gonna be flyin around the house soon ... you ready??

H. said...

he will be crawling in no time at all....cute!