Sunday, February 15, 2009

So I get this email at work on Friday...

And the subject is "Urgent" with a link inside that says, "Watch this video asap" with a link... and it's from my husband. Upon finding a computer to play the video, I see this adorable footage of my 12 week old son holding...okay, propping up, a sign while he is propped up against the couch that says, "There is a surprise waiting for you in your glove box. Love, Noah and Daddy".

I leave work that afternoon and look in my glove box...which leads me to an envelope holding lots of puzzle pieces. I put the pieces together and it is a cute Valentine's Day poem Noah and Daddy wrote for me stating they had planned, on our limited budget, an evening consisting of a formal dinner and then we would get comfy, cozy and play games and just enjoy being a family on our first Valentine's Day. I was so excited I couldn't get home fast enough...

I get home, open the door to the house and there they are, the two most important men in my life, sitting on the couch all dressed in their best. So, so, so cute!! Tony was even wearing a tie and Noah was sporting his best church clothes, complete with dress shoes. There were candles lit, the table was set and all the games we owned were sitting out on the coffee table, ready for an evening of fun!

Our "formal" dinner was leftovers from the night before, so romantic. Nothing says "I love you" like yesterday's dinner straight from the microwave! Then I opened a card from Tony, which used to be my favorite cards to open until Noah came along. Noah's Valentine's Day card to me was the cutest! The outside said, "Mommy, want to know how long you have been my special Valentine..." and the inside said, "Just as long as you've been my mommy!" And Tony had actually painted his little hands and had him sign my card with his little hand prints...boy, does he know how to make mommy's heart melt!

So then we all three put on our comfiest clothes and it was game time...Noah and Daddy had created a "Wolfe Family" Crossword and Word Find for me to play, and even Spencer was included in the fun!! One of the crossword clues led me to a present Noah had gotten me for Valentine's Day, which was David Achuleta's CD. So, we listened to David while Noah went down for a nap and Tony proceeded to take the night both in Scrabble and was NOT my night for games! But I didn't care, it was the BEST Valentine's Day I have EVER had!!

The celebration continued into breakfast the next morning, where Tony made me pancakes and hot tea and proceeded to say, "Okay, this is seriously the end of the your Valentine's Day present."


In other news...

--> Noah is now a formula baby much to mommy's dismay. Apparently two month olds are smart enough to realize that meals are better and easier to eat through a bottle...and so it begins. My little boy is growing up!

--> Still working on that thumb sucking daily...

--> We believe he has discovered his hands as he focuses on them and proceeds to go cross-eyed drawing them into his face as close as he can. Funny!

--> Noah has conquered the task of completely soaking through his diaper, onsie, sleeper, crib sheet and matress cover overnight...for the past three or four nights. So, every morning now consists of "pee" laundry, sometimes bath time and a complete strip down before breakfast.

--> He is quickly acqiring the nicknames of "BooBoo" and "Bug a Boo" because it seems every morning we go in to get him out of his crib he has a new scratch on his face, baby fingernails are the worst!

--> We don't get to go to the doctor for a checkup this month, but Noah has to be tipping the scales between 12-13 lbs these days. He is wearing all 3-6 month clothes now. My little chunky monkey man!

Note: Our camera died so we are working on putting together some video clips until the camera situation gets remedied...stay tuned!!!


H. said...

very cool Valentine's day! I spent mine on the couch :-)

where's weaver said...

Your website is such a joy to read. Noah is beautiful. I say Jen....Tony is a keeper! What a romantic and wonderful man.
I worked at St. Stephen with Patti for several years. She is so proud of her family and is thrilled with her grandchildren.....and those to come.
God Bless you and Noah